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Stray found with BROKEN leg

Last night we opened our backdoor to find a stray kitty (adolescent male). I noticed he was malnourished and gave him some milk and chicken (all I had for an animal). Then I noticed he was favoring one leg. I think it might be broken! I've called a few places and no one wants to deal with him, of course. They're just going to want to euthanize him instead of help him.

So my question is this--- what do I do?!?!?!?! We just got rid of our dog on Thursday just to find a cat at the back door last night. Granted there were valid reasons for giving the dog up I am not an animal killer or neglector and I feel absolutely awful for this cat.

I took him in and made hubby go get food and litter this morning until we can figure out what to do. Any insight or help would be appreciated! He's such a sweetheart who loves to talk and purr.
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By the way, I'm the CL over in the pregnancy forums so y'all know I'm not just some random person who stumbles onto MedHelp. You can also PM me and I should be on later today. Still waiting for a vet to call me back...
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Okay the vet called back and told me $200 or more. I said it's not even my cat. They said to splint it.

But... doesn't the leg need to be re-set? Won't it cause the cat probs to just splint his leg without re-setting it?
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I believe your local ASPCA offers low cost care. Try to find out more about this. If you want to help the cat you will have to put down some money. Try to find the cheapest way possible, like the ASPCA. I really hope you find a way to help this kitty. I wish you all the luck in this world.
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We don't have an ASPCA. I've called everywhere and everyone. All of the no-kill shelters actually have waiting lists and I obviously don't want to take him to the pound just to be put down.

The little guy is growing on our family. I'm not close with my brother but after writing this I remembered his wife used to be a vet nurse/assistant. So I've been asking her some questions.

Looks like we'll just have to go ahead and get him seen. His leg is so weird.
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To those whom you've asked, do they all tell you that fixing the leg will cost you about the same? Nobody offers a cheaper care? UGH! I hate it when that happens. Please don't take him to the pound. I took one thinking he was going to be fine and as soon as he got a respiratory infection they killed him.  I'll pray so that your brother's wife is able to help and you don't have to take him to the pound.  

Keep me posted.
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I've only contacted shelters first and they are all full (all of the no-kill ones--- I didn't even bother to call Animal Control because I don't want this gorgeous, sweet cat killed). And the only vet I've called is one we've used before. I like them a lot.

My SIL told me that based on the information I gave her his leg either has to be amputated or perhaps he'll have to be gassed so they can fix his hip and leg, depending on what the problem is. He also has ear mites and will need to be neutered and get vaccines.

He has an appointment tomorrow afternoon for x-rays. That's the first step. From there we'll be able to figure out what we need to do. I asked them to quote me a price for possible amputation but they wouldn't. They want to see him first and see the extent of the problem.

I put pictures of him up in my profile. He's a gorgeous Siamese that we dubbed Beckett (after a Stargate Atlantis character).
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