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The cancer is back

Well, the news was just as I suspected. The cancer is back. I talked to the vet a little bit ago. She said it's a high grade malignacy and the prognosis is guarded. When I asked what that meant she said the prognosis is not good. This type of cancer (it's a malignant fibrous sarcoma) has a high recurrance rate. She said it usually is slow growing but this lump almost appeared overnight and is much larger than the first one she got last year so she's afraid this one may be faster than they usually are.
She said it's a good sign that she's still eating pretty well. One of the things to watch for is if she stops eating. She said I'd know she was in bad shape then. I guess it can be hard to tell with cats when they're in pain but I will watch her and the vet said she can prescribe pain medication at any point I think Misha may need it.

I don't know how long I will have with Misha. I guess at this point I will just try to enjoy her and keep her as comfortable as i can. I don't want her to suffer so I will be watching her closely.

If anyone has any suggestions or has gone through something like this and can tell me what signs to watch for I'd really appreciate it. I'm going to look up information on this cancer. I just hadn't had time to do it yet.

Thanks for the prayers and for caring about me and my kitty.
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Oh man, I'm sorry to hear it's been confirmed, April.  If I were you, I'd maybe start Misha on a small amt of pain med just to be sure she's comfortable since she's unable to tell you if she's hurting.  I recently went through the same thing with my neighbor and his dog at the beginning of the year.  Cancer confirmed in Dec09, put Buster on pain meds and he kept eating just fine for four more months and wasn't until the beginning of April he slowly stopped eating, then finally for good and neighbor made the appt for vet to come to his home.  Does your vet offer this home service?

Misha is in my prayers and I'll be hoping for many more comfortable months with your beloved girl.  
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April, I wasn't sure if I should voice this, but I will anyway.  You know, the experience with Buster taught me that just because an animal is still eating doesn't necessarily mean they have a good quality of life...or any quality for that matter.  It was very hard watching my neighbor listen to those who said Buster was fine "as long as he was eating" because clearly he wasn't.  He was suffering.  My neighbor just held on to any and all hope even when there was clearly NO hope.  It was truly one of the saddest things I've ever watched.

You know Misha best and if she continues to eat but you think she's suffering, then you'll know it's "time."

My heart truly goes out to you and your family especially since you lost your sweet little dog only just a year ago.  
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April this broke my heart.  I hope that you can keep showing Misha how much you love her.  I hope that you are able to spend a little time with her to show her how much you love her.


Rhea and Stardust
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Thank you. It's discouraging. When we did the surgery 8 months ago I was so hopeful. The vet was sure she got it all and we expected she could live another few more years at least. She's 13, same age as my dog when he died a little over a year ago. I said when she got that first surgery that I didn't want to put her through another surgery at her age. It cost me over $1,500 in tests and the surgery. I simply don't have the money anymore. I talked for quite awhile with the vet. She agreed that with this kind of aggressive cancer that even if they tried surgery again it would have a high chance of coming back. Even if I had the money, I can't keep doing that to the poor cat. The vet also didn't like how this lump was so much bigger and deeper than the first one and how it sprang up so quickly.
I wish there was something more I could do. I don't want her to suffer. She seems ok now but I don't want her to experience any pain. I feel so torn on this.
I never expected it would come back and certainly not this fast or this aggessively. My poor kitty. :(
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oh april honey you are having a long hard go of it dear, I am so sorry about Misha....these darn scarcomas from what I read they do tend to come back and much more aggressive than the first time around....thats why I entirely changed my thinking on Vaccines (for indoor cats anyway)....but thats another topic.
Yes keep Misha comfortable, perhaps pain meds now wouldn't be such a bad idea, its what we'd do for ourselves isn't it....to have a good quality of life for as long as possible.
I too had a long afternoon at the Vet's with Nemo(no not cancer thank God)...long story and I'm tired will post on it tomorrow.....he has his problems too, as so many do and all we can do is try the best we can esp. when it comes to money we just haven't got.
Our love and hugs to you and Misha.......♥Opos
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April i am so sorry to hear Misha's cancer is back.  I would also check into the pain meds for her.  Enjoy the time you have with her now.  She knows she is loved~~~~~sara and snickers
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April, I too want to say how sad I am that Misha's cancer has returned. All you can do is comfort her and spend as much time with her as you can.  I know you have a busy life but I also know you will never regret giving her this extra time and attention...in her hour of need.  Bless your heart and Bless Misha's.   Linda
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So sorry to hear about Misha.  I second all comments re pain meds.  Jade is so right about that eating myth.  

Think Medicam is what I gave my last cat,  Bruno, during his last six weeks.   I fed him what he wanted: Natural Balance. He ate well, took his daily walks through apt. complex, and slept on my new Pottery Barn duvetl  The guy had standards!!!

I am retired and had noticed a growth on his hip, so took him to my vet.  He wasn't my cat officially, but I had no choice. Bruno needed care and here I was!

He remained serene throughout his illness.  I keep his ashes in my bedside table, and like to look at his pics to remind me to stay calm in the face of adversity.  My son passed away four days after Bruno, and I have wondered about the timing of their departures.
He may have been preparing me .....who knows?  

My daughter in law had to have one of her kits put to sleep....the vet did come to their home....I think it would be lovely if that could be arranged.  Then again where ever you are, Misha will know you are with her.  That is all that is important.

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Geez.  I needed to say the main thing.  Bruno had the same cancer Misha does. He also was well over 10 years old.  My vet said pretty much what yours did...he offered surgery, but I wasn't going to put an older cat though that...plus spend $:) I didn't have.

The medicam is approved for dogs in US.  Off label use for cats.  

I understand you have a busy life.  It is only now I can indulge things I couldn't when working.

We all have said it: it is the quality that counts.  Misha will appreciate whatever time you can give her.  
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Ever since they biopsied that lump she's been messing with it. I guess they must have irritated it by shaving it and cutting a small piece off. She won't leave it alone. She's been biting it, etc., and it looks inflamed and possibly infected. I've been putting Neosporin on it but may have to take her in to get looked at. The only problem is we have very little money this paycheck because of a couple of extra bills. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and see what she suggests. The lump looks bigger to me too but that could be because they had shaved it.
She's still messing outside her box too and occasionally throwing up. Not sure if any of that is related to the cancer or not.
I will keep you all updated as much as I can.
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You should get an e-collar for her until your bills are straight.  That would prevent her from messing with it and give it time to heal.

Is she okay w/ her eating, etc????
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aww April I'm so sorry for you and Misha. the messing, licking and throwing up can all  be signs of discomfort/pain too so its good you are going to call your Vet.
I would think IMO it maybe soon time to use some pain meds, after all her comfort now has to be a priority.
I haven't had a chance to do any extra research for you yet, but I did find on MH's holistic site there was some info from 2 Vets there that may give you some ideas esp. when it comes to her appetite...
best of luck hon...and darling Misha♥

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So sorry Misha's cancer came back.  :-(  
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I am so so so sorry about this news! :(...

I am here if you need to talk!

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April, I'm with ZQ in this could be a sign she's in some pain.  I know how hard this is on you and my heart truly goes out to you and Misha, poor baby.  Do let us know what the vet said yesterday when you have a minute.

Keeping you and Misha in my prayers, good friend!
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Thanks everyone. The sore looks a lot better and she doesn't seem to be bothering it anymore. It looks like it's healing now. The redness and swelling looks like it went down.

She's still eating well and acts interested in food all the time.

Last night I held her on my lap for quite awhile and she just laid there and purred.

I will ask the vet about pain meds but unfortunately it's going to have to wait till next payday. I hate to say that but we're literally broke. This was a bad payday with unexpected bills. 9 more days till next payday and things are tight. :(  I am watching her closely and will talk to the vet about the pain meds next week. She doesn't seem to be in any pain but I know I've been told it can be hard to tell with cats.
Thanks for caring, everyone. I will keep you updated.
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Thinking about and praying for you and Misha, April.  The Vet or a low-cost spay clinic might give you some inexpensive pain meds for Misha at cost.  It wouldn't hurt to check....just a thought. Take care.
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Misha has gone drastically downhill. She is now peeing all over the house every day. It's not just the occasional accident anymore. It's constant. She's not even attempting to make it to the litter box anymore, it looks like.
I've noticed she's walking and laying a lot more carefully now too, like she's in pain. She's also attempting to eat that knot on her side and inflamed it again to where it looks terrible.
I have decided to have her put to sleep on Saturday. I made an appointment with the vet who knows her and has worked with her.
I would appreciate any and all prayers as this is going to be very difficult for me, I know. I'm trying to be stoic right now and not think about it too much but I know I will probably fall apart on Saturday. She's my baby and I've had her a long time.
Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you, my friends.
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:-(  Sniff!
I would pray for you both, for sure
Take care, hon...
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Oh April that is so sad, poor dear little Misha. she has fought long and hard to stay with you as long as she could, but I agree you are making the best decision for her....we have to let go and not allow our babies to be in pain when there is no solution in sight.
I will have you both in my heart and prayers Saturday.....and everyday hon.
my deepest sympathies to you both..♥Opus
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You're in my thoughts, I am soooo sorry! :(. I know its one of the hardest things to do.
She is a fighter and she has lived a long life, and by the sounds of it ha beaten this before... But you know what you are doing in a nice way is better than having her carry on!

i am here if you need to talk!

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So sorry, April, you are in my prayers.  You are doing what is best for Misha.  She has lived a long and wonderfully happy life. You have taken phenomenal care of her all these years.  I feel for what you are going through.  We're all here for you.
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She's gone. My precious baby kitty is gone. I miss her already. :(

I wrote a journal for her. God bless you, little Misha. You will always be my baby. I will miss you always.

Thank you all so much for caring for me and my little kitty. I will always be grateful for that and for all the prayers.
God bless you all.
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April I wrote on your journal, what a lovely tribute to Misha.
She was a beautiful cat with a sweet demure personality, RIP dear little girl and gently journey..
I am so sorry for your loss.♥
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