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compulsive eating cat!

I have a wonderful cat who is very clean and well behaved,,,
My problem is he wants to eat all the time...as a young kitten he was owned by another person. The cat was fed when he wanted to be...like a teaspoon every hour or less....
I have had him since he was sixteen months old...he has had problems with "Struvite" crystals in his urine so I need to buy his special food at the Vet's...it is expensive $37.50 a case and $22.00 for a 5 lb of the dry (which he loves)
I am noticing now he wants to be fed almost every hour...PROBLEM= if he is not fed when he wants, he vomits...it is getting worse now and he weighs about 12-15lbs...
Does anyone have suggestions? He is a haunt and does not leave me alone if I do not jump up and feed him!!!
Talk about someone running your life? It is my cat, and always wants to be on my lap constantly!!!!
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hi...just my opinion but I would think kitty is lacking something in this diet, his system needs something he isn't getting therefore he is constantly trying to achieve it....with my cats when they are on a good balanced diet they eat very little, my 13lb sami eats no more than a few tablespoons a day of canned(now raw mix)..and perhaps at the most a 1/4 cup of dry....he never begs.
my nemo won't eat anything except his one brand of dry food, again abt 1/4 daily...but he munches all day just a few bites each time...and he is constantly asking for treats from the table....he loves peanut butter and butter alone...so I'm thinking he needs more oil in his diet and he's satisfied with those.
good luck...talk to you're vet abt adding something with his diet ie: omega 3's?
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For starters, I'd suggest trying the expert forum.

But It could be a diet issue, but it sounds like a compulsive eating habit your cat developed over time.

The vomiting could be a separate issue.

I've had success with some cats moving them onto a less expensive, low ash diet with crystals and taking them off dry food (only some, mind you).

However, I'll point out that there is dispute over the idea ash content causes crystals.

I'd definitely consult a vet about some other food options if your cat is vomiting frequently, though.

Be sure to keep the portions VERY small, as if kitty is gorging and bolting it could cause vomiting.

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