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excessive cat drooling

Hi everyone -
I just read about "rumpled" asking about her cats drooling.  I haven't gone to the vet yet, and hope to avoid it if possible.  My cat Bustafur started drooling a few days ago.  Very little at first, and last night quite a bit more.  However, he seems to be in great spirits, playing around like crazy w/ the other boy, Lucyfur, eating and drinking and being very affectionate. All signs of normal till today.  Now he is drooling like a leaky faucet, about a drop every other second and it seems to be annoying...he even had foam coming out, but I just applied flea meds to all my 3 cats, so I know he reached over enough to get a good lick or two.  I called my vet and was told I need to get him in right away but hubby has the car and can't get in till Saturday morning.  Same situation as Rumpled had, but both of my boys go out on short romps. Arrrggh!!   Any help out there?
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Hello and welcome to the forum....I can't quite tell from your post if the drooling was happening prior the flea med or not.  If prior, Bustafur likely has a dental issue, then licked the flea med bringing on the foam action.  When you say 'romps', do you mean 'go outside' ?  Is there any Antifreeze around?  Is so, VERY serious.  

I'm happy to read you have an appt.  Oh wait, not til Saturday though.  Hmm, I would certainly keep the appt if there is *any* drooling still happening.  He may have an abscessed tooth, who knows.  

Keep us posted...
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Thanks for your reply.  Yes, the drooling started several days before the flea meds were given.  And yes, he goes outside for about one or two hours a day.  No, there is no antifreeze around the premises, (we live in FL and on an acre of land).  I do have chickens free ranging and three dogs.  He just jumped on my lap and is in good spirits, purring and wanting attention.  The drooling gets heavier when I give lots of rubbing...but it is really excessive at times.  He is also a young cat, about 1 1/2 yrs. old, so I am kinda dismissing a tooth problem...but I am still keeping the vet appt. cause he is also due for a rabies shot.  Again, thanks for the reply...any help is very welcome.
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Glad you'll be keeping the appt, let us know what your Vet says.  Just a warning....if Bustafur is deemed ill tomorrow, please hold off on the rabies shot.  Those are VERY hard on kitties, but most especially if kitty's immune system is down.  

I'll look forward to your update...
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