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mummy cat

My cat gave birth to seven cute kittens. two of them died a few days later. the other 5 are healthy and about 1 month old. it's been a few days that my cat doesn't eat well and she doesn't care about her kittens as before. Is she sick? Is it normal for the mummy cat to stop eating when she wants to stop feeding her kittens?
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Hi.  I think in a normal situation the mother cat would feed the kittens for around 12 weeks, so your cat may be having some problems.  

Are her eyes looking normal, discharge coming from anywhere?  Has the cat been in a fight - give her a feel over and check if she's sore anywhere.  

Has there been something change in her environment that may have frightened her?

If you need to feed the kittens yourself, cows milk may not be so good because of the lactose, but I would still use it as a last resort.  Do you have lactose free milk there?

Hope she gets well soon.
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I think it would be a good idea for momma cat to see a Vet...this isn't normal to stop caring for and feeding the babies so young. besides she isn't eating herself therefor thats telling you something is wrong....are her ears warm, would indicate she's running a temp....is she an indoor kitty? whats she been eating?
And last but by no means least HAS SHE HAD HER VACCINATIONS?
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I would advise taking her to see a vet as she needs to be eating and keeping all her nutrients up. Are the kittens eating on their own Yet or still depending on their Mum?
It is normal for them to still be feeding off their mum however if she is not feeding them I am wondering how they're eating. You can buy kitten formula for them and syringes and You can also buy kittens milk which the Mum may be interested in having herself and is actually good for her.
Has the Mum been eating kitten formula orientated food since she has been pregnant and had the kittens?
She should be on this while she is still feeding the kittens as she is still giving them nutrients.
It is not normal for her to stop eating No, she might be tired and fed up with feeding so many kittens however she does need to be seen whatever the case this is not healthy for her and she should be seen to.
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Hamid R
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Your cat is exhibiting fairly normal queen behavior.  Usually around a month to six weeks of age, she will begin to ween them and encourage them to clean, urinate, and eat on their own.  This is not ignoring them, but rather teaching them how to take care of themselves.

However, there is some concern since two of the kittens died and mama is not eating well.  Queens typically lose weight when they are nursing but their appetite should return once the kittens are weaned.  I am most concerned that, if the kittens who died, died suddenly without any obvious symptoms, that they could have succumbed to panleukopenia which strikes quite suddenly and most often in kittens.  I would recommend you have mama and the kittens tested.  Even if they are negative, they may have been exposed so you need to be especially careful about sanitation and quarantine from other cats since this is highly contagious and almost always fatal, especially in young kittens.
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