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***my older Snowshoes over licking??!!! and what could cause it?

i have a snow shoe (half siamese and half domestic) they are big babies! she cries over everything and follows me everywhere i go. comes running to me when i get home. and is terrified of everything she doesn't know. she is extremely! emotional! she is the most sensitive animal ive ever come in contact with. like a little person. and extremely intelligent there isn't a room she can't get into opens doors and cabinets shes very eccentric.

now ill get to the point. well she is just so so sensitive to i think maybe because we got her when she was just under a year old from the humane society and she was so traumatized. i never let her outside once in her whole life so when we take her outside to go to a vet or moving she absolutely loses it. goes into shock and pees herself and screams for help. its heartbreaking. well me and im pretty young and have had her about 8 years now when i left home she had never been anywhere but the house i grew up in. and in the last three yrs  i have moved about 4 times and with every move she had a hard time but was okay after about a day.

well that all changed on my 3rd move. we moved on the water and all of her hair on her face fell out. the vet didn't do anything said allergies it was an overnight thing. i was soo upset she looked like she had been n a fight. it was crazy i then realized had to be dermatitis i gave her some benadryl because she was bleeding from the scratching as well. it took a while but she got better. at the same time she was over-licking as well on her front paws and under neck area the vet said stress from  being sick and moving and possible itchiness so we just did the same with monitoring it and it got better.

well now she is over-licking again it started in the same area and has spread to everywhere. we recently moved again abt 3 weeks ago and she started sometime around then. its bad. shes a creamy siamese color and has tarnish her color from the licking to a light brownish color. u can see where she wont stop. it's so bad to the point where ill pick her up and shes wet from licking herself to death all over. i dont know what to do. ive tried everything i can to make her emotionally happy thought it was the move. pay extra attention to her but thats not helping.
after reading things online im scared now of what could her insides be doing with all this hair she ingesting. she has very thick hair that is now thin very thin. im very worried about her.
I also tried the change in food to help with allergies and she refused to eat and got sicker.

----also she has gingivitis lost all her teeth on me about two years ago and now has to eat canned food never did before and the only one she will touch is fancy feast witch as much as i spend on it it cant be horrible for her right?

Any suggestions?
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if anyone is interested in ordering from iherb. put in this shipping code and receive from $5-$10 OFF their first purchase.
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hi and welcome, your poor kitty she is definitely suffering from something...sounds like she has a real personality too...-)

this can be emotional problems due to stress or it can be a food allergy..esp when you talk about all the itching and hair loss.

there are many posts you can read on this forum about food allergies. fancy feast isn't the worst..but buy the CLASSIC b/c it is grain free I believe and grains are a very common allergen, so is chicken so try to feed ocean fish (not tuna)
also STOP all the chemicals in your home such as room sprays/cleaners/candles etc. b/c can often also be environmental allergies.
also if you are using a perfumed litter stop and get one thats chemical free as possible.

I would also try some homeopathy to reduce her stress.....the Vet could also prescribe a medication to use in especially stressful time like a move to calm her...however I don't recommend drugging a cat on a continual basis.

I will send you a link to a good remedy for stress reduction thats not a medication....give it a try, there are also other homeopathic tinctures names I can suggest if this one doesn't work.
Please try what I have suggested, don't stop posting....keep us updated, there are other sites and suggestions I can also give you...we can get to the bottom of this and help her....hang in there.

this is the RESCUE REMEDY FOR PETS.(for stress)..avail from iherb.com its very inexpensive and shipping is only $4 thru iherb. give it a try!!!

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