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spade cat

My cat was spade a week ago, in the last couple of days she's been showing some strange behaviour. her kittens are now 4.5 months old (she stopped nursing them 4 weeks ago) and now she's calling them and letting them nurse?
Also she goes into the bed where she kept kittens (when they were born) and keeps scratching at it?
Is this just a hormone inbalance where she's been spade?
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She nursed them for 3 months?  Normally kittens are weaned at about 6 weeks.  I would suggest you keep the kittens separate from the mama for a while.  They aren't actually nursing since she no longer has milk, but if they are sucking and biting on her teets, they could become inflamed and infected.  Kittens will continue to "pretend nurse" (sucking and kneading without actually being fed) for as long as mama will let them. This could lead to some behavioral problems when the kittens get older.  It is sort of like breaking a baby's habit of sucking on a binkie or his thumb as he gets older.
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Years ago my cat, Ashes, who now lives on The Rainbow Bridge had a liter of kittens.  We kept one of them.  We had Ashes fixed, and our male cat Milo, who also lives on The Rainbow Bridge, took over nursing the kitten.  I've never jeard of this before, or since then.  
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hi, don't worry this is all pretty normal behavior since the kittens are still with her....she thinks she is still being a mommy and as a good mommy she feels the need to nurture them, years ago a mother cat I had gave birth and I kept one(both all black and beautiful) the male kitten nursed on her for well over a year until she finally decided enough is enough he, he.....its just a calming thing with them like a soother to a baby...
Do you have homes for the kittens I hope?
best to you all and welcome to our cat community....-)
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