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First apointment with NS.

I called my doctor today and she was extremly suprise that I havent met with the NS yet. So she gave me his name and phone number so I could call, she also gave me and appointment to she her on friday.

So I called the NS office and they were all suprise that I didn't show to my appointment last week???????????????

What append: They sent a month ago a lettre with the time and date of my appointment to my old address from monthssssss ago, so I never received it!

I changed my address at the hospital and on phone with my doctor when we moved, but I guess it never made it to my chart!

So I'm going to meet him on october 25. I plan on leaving after I pick-up my kids from school on the 24, and bring them with me, and stop and sleep at my in-laws. I plan on calling them this week-end to ask my mother in-law to babysit them on the 25. I cant ask my mother to babysit she is to sick for that. And then on the morning of the 25 going to my apointment. It is almost 4h drive from my home to my in-laws and then 2 more hours to get to my apointment.

I dont like traveling this far it exaust me so much!
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  Glad u got it all straightened out....many times it is the office staff that makes going to the Drs a bad experience...remember to look at the Dr and his experience with chiari instead of the ineptness of  his staff.

I do not like long car rides either...do u have to drive?...do u have someone that can share the driving with u?

  Good luck
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Well if I go around town and I'm in no hurry and the weater is good I usally walk. If not I drive some. And if my husband is not working he is driving. To go to the next town (half an hour drive) I ask my husband to drive me if possible, because my shoulders and neck becomes very heavy and numb.

My husband is going to be the one driving to the appointment. And it stress me to much to drive in big cities. It's funny because until five years ago I use to work and live there and I would drive myself everywhere!
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  I know what u mean...when my DD was in college in Philly I used to drive her down and drive back myself, but already was having issues with night vision....I sat sooo close to the windshield trying to see, and always had my high beams on...Now, I haven't driven in over 3 yrs...not only bcuz of my drop attacks and night vision, but my depth perception was so bad I am afraid I will drive into something....

But I even drove into NYC and all around...no more...I miss the independence...but know it is not something I will be able to do again...at least not those long trips.

   Glad u have a driver for that trip.

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I am glad to hear you have a driver and also a health companion to go with you.  It has helped me so much to have my daughter and my husband with me to my medical appt.  What you don't remember to ask you husband should be able to.  Also some of the issues you discuss it is worth having your listener there for you.  I remember coming home from some appt and my daughter would say.  Don't you remember him saying this or that and I couldn't remember.  Good luck at your appt.  I wish you the best.
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Thank You. I would have love to bring my mother insted of my husband, but she is to sick. So I better get myself a list of questions and a block of paper and a pen for my appointment. I usualy have to talk for him at his doctors appointment :0 , he is a good man, but he forget to speak when its time!
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Just curious just where are you doctoring at?  Is it in the Omaha area?

I live in Belleve & would like to meet you & your family sometime sometime perhaps.  It is always nice to have someone to talk too that is experiencing some of the same things at the same times so to speak.  
If we live some what close it would be nice to be able to say meet at a Village Inn or Perkins for Coffee & a piece of pie of something like that.

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Sory Roy I'm not near the Omaha region. I live in Canada NB.
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  Hi Roy...How r u doing?...that was such a sweet offer to Drew!!

How is ur art going...still painting?

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