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Hands and Arms

Had a rough couple of days with neck and head pain/pressure...Woke up this morning and left forearm and hand were ice cold...been up about a half hour..still are like ice...Anyone else experience this?  Thanks!
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All the time...it's quite freaky actually. I find it's usually a positional thing, like if I am holding the remote or the mouse too long in one position. I get it a lot when I am lying down too, I think it's b/c it pinches a nerve somewhere and then the message doesn't get from your arm to your brain. I find just moving my position will solve the problem though it takes awhile.

Having cold hands and feet (and for me shins too) is a common problem associated with Chiari. I have been told that it is probably Raynauds syndrome too but I think it is more nerve related than to do with circulation and capillaries. A heating pad or blanket is a good idea. What I find works best sometimes to warm things up quickly is to sit in a warm bath or shower, sometimes it's the ONLY way I can warm my feet up!!

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I  think you might want to get a warm heating pad on it. I think thats called Raynaud's phenomenon (I think). My friend had this problem and her neurologist said that her nerves forgot to keep her left leg warm and that she would have to keep it warm her self.  This did eventually go away for her. She had fallen on her head and had a bruised brainstem. She was temporarily partially  paralyzed from the incident and now she has made a full recovery.    I hope your arm gets better soon, just keep it warm it you can and if it isnt better by tomarrow, call your doctor... If your arm becomes extremely discolored, go the the er. Good luck too you!   Stacey
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I have horrible cold feet and hands.  I was told that can have something to do with dysautonomia too.  When my bp is really low my feet are usually chunks of ice.  The hot bath is the only way I can warm up at times too.  Any time we have a new symptom it should be discussed with your doctor so I would give them a call tomorrow.  

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Ahhhhh....My wonderful, wonderful friends to the rescue as always!  This morning, both forearms and hands were like ice...not just the one!  I am going to call my GP tomorrow and see if I can get in to see him...I have an appt. with my neurologist 3/10...This is a follow-up for all that I have been through...Now I will have something NEW to tell her.  My neurosurgeon has "dismissed" me...no sense calling him...I really don't think he wants to hear it.  My GP will order an MRI without hesitation...he's a great guy...and at least he BELIEVES me!!!!!  Much more pain at the base of my skull too...I've had discomfort since my surgeries, but not like this and it usually goes away in a couple of days.  This time it's hangin' on!!!   Owwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Calling your GP is a good idea...after my surgery I still get that ice like feeling too. I think it is something to do with position and cutting off the nerve supply to your arms. One night I woke up and it was like my arms were completely gone, I didn't know where they were!! I started to freak out and my brain was trying to signal my arms and then finally I found them but they were dead and floppy. It took about 15 mins for them to get normal...I was sleeping on my back at the time. If you find out that it is from back sleeping too then I would recommend propping pillows behind you so that you don't roll over.

I have had more problems with my arms lately too and I am thinking of asking my GP to do another CT of my neck. I know in the past they found OA in my neck and I wondering if it has got worse. Might be a good idea for you to do too!

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I had the completely gone feeling (or loss of feeling!) in my legs a few months back!  I know what you mean...scary and weird!  I usually sleep on my sides...hard to tell what I do during the night, though!  What is OA?  I made the appt with my GP for next Thursday...he's such a great guy....I feel like he's the only one that believes me about all of this!!!!!!!  My neurologist is pretty sympathetic too...but I feel like she's even starting to look at me like I'm a little crazy.  I'm sure Dr. Blakely (GP) will order an MRI or CT...I will be surprised if he doesn't!
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Sorry..it's Osteoarthritis...I forget sometimes and use the abbreviations! If you start to develop bone spurs (which I had according to the last CT) then as they grow, they can start to impinge on nerves. It is because the bone is weak, it keeps having very minor fractures and so your bone "overbuilds" itself.

My GP is the same way now (wasn't before I was dx'd) but I still feel like I have to tread lightly so that I don't come at them with too much at once. It's ridiculous really!! I have found no help from a NL even before or after surgery so I'm glad that you have found a decent one. I think I have told you this before but the only help I have really found is at the Neuro-rehab. Not just for what they do but they always ask you how you are, where is the pain etc... So twice a week I can talk about all this stuff and I don't feel embarrassed about it. Plus they do what they can to try and manage the pain. I like it as much for the emotional support as I do for the physical!!

I hope you get somewhere with this soon!
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