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Hi All as lockdown continues.......

What are you doing to occupy yourself?
Have you tried painting, sewing or some other craft/hobby?
Do you need to talk to someone? If you are feeling isolated please know that is why this community is here, please post questions and we will try to help you feel less alone now and going forward.
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Hey Selma! I was just checking in to see how things were going.

Enjoy having your loved ones at home while you can everyone. Families need family time just that we’d all prefer it without the bug. Take Care
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Hey CW, it's so good to hear from you!!
I agree, this time we are taking things slowly and we appreciate what we can't do all the more.....but unfortunately the only change for me has been not to be with my daughter and her family and my parents.....I still work and that all is the same for me...so my only issue with this bug is not being with family.....hopefully that will start changing soon, once I can hug my grandson and daughter and my parents I will be happy.

I've been thinking of you often and your family, prayers to you and yours. <3
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I expected to see more posts from members during this time and wondered how I could keep up...but the opposite is happening....no one is posting...why?
I pray it is because you are all doing well, finding a new way to connect with those you are in lockdown with, playing board games, singing songs and enjoying being together.....
But I do know there are some out there that are alone....and I want them to know we are still here, I check often, but I am not finding any new threads/posts.
Just know you are not alone and I  pray you all are well. <3
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Hi Selma. I’m guilty of not posting as much in the last few weeks. But I hope you are doing ok

As for me, I have been enjoying some time with my family. And reconnecting again. And we have been playing a lot of board games!
HI KerriC,
Well I am a care giver so, the only changes I have had are not being able to see my parents and my daughter, son in law and grandson..... but we use facetime...and that helps...but my daily routines having been impacted.....oh except for the wearing of a face mask....I made dozens of them.....all my family and friends  and other care givers that help my Hubby's sister got them.....
I wish I got some down time with this...but I've been doing more which I am starting to feel.....hopefully this will be over soon as I was trying to hire new care givers so I could take a break when all this lockdown happened.....

I am glad to hear you are reconnecting with your family, simpler times I feel were happier times.....I pray you all continue to be well <3
I am a caregiver of sorts too. I volunteer at a no kill animal rescue. Even with all my chiari and surgical issues, it does me wonders to spend time with the animals. I feel they are good for the soul

But yes my life has also been impacted with this. Even though I’m a big homebody I do miss going out to dinner with my family

And I agree completely, simple times we’re happier times! Good to get back to some of those roots but not at this cost. My heart goes out to anyone affected by it
I agree, my heart has broken several times with this virus, a few acquaintance's lost a family member, sadly both of them lost their dads  and one person I knew personally , and such a nice young man, he was only 30!! A friend of mine's only child their son....makes you wonder why all males? But they have said the males are being hit harder with this then females....no idea why....but I hope the loss is at an end and we can get on with grieving and trying to console those we can't get close to.....
Today my hubby and I took my parents for a car ride just to get them out of the house.....it was a nice warm day and we all had our masks on. We have been to the house only a few times due to the recommendations but , I feel it has to stop, even if we are careful with our masks we should be able to get together in small gatherings....I didn't want my parents to get cabin fever and go for each others throats....lol....and they both enjoyed it....and so did I. Simpler times I would have done the same, only difference I couldn't hug or kiss them and I was wearing a mask......sigh
That is heartbreaking to hear. I’m sorry for their loss and for yours. I hope and pray this ends soon. I’ve had to post pone my NS appt and it’s rescheduled for next month but still don’t know if that will be possible. And I really need the help....

It’s taking its toll on so many aspects
I am sorry going to your Dr appointment had to be put off.....I am about done with all of this as I do not understand the need for this "lock down" to continue....it needs to be over and let the country get back on track financially as well as emotionally...

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