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Hi All....I was wondering how many want to use this thread to talk weight loss so we can have our own Biggest loser !!

U can weight urself and use the trackers here or use the way ur clothes fit as ur guide and u don't have to tell us what u r  size wise...just what is working for u. I have a tape on breathing exercises to help reduce weight......I will try to clearly explain how to do them .

So who's with me ?
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Dr Oz says to have a glass of water b4 each meal to help lose weight...so I am starting with that.
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any1 else???
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Glass of water definitely is a good start... and make sure you snack!! Keep up your blood sugar all day so that it doesn't crash and then you get hungry and eat the wrong thing. Of course exercise, but of course for most of us that is restricted...sigh.. One of these days I am going to take up water aerobics, once I am cleared to do so.
For now, I am doing the PT exercises and trying to walk at least 10 mins a day but I do have to deal with the pain afterward so I'm not so motivated..
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Water is a great idea -- I don't drink enough and I can feel the difference in my weight and I just feel heavier. My weight went up about 15 pounds from my up and down prednisone and not being active and feeling so miserable all those months -- because I didn't eat food, only sweets and sugary snacks. That's all going to change for me too! FIBER is so super important -- I learned that recently :)

I'm all for this working together plan -- I'd like to drop the 15 pounds SOON and know that if I get walking a bit, it will make all the difference in the world. Now if I could just find the energy...

Anyone have PT exercises to share? I didn't get any and my neck is REALLY stiff and I keep tweaking it badly and have pretty awful pain. I don't see my NS til next thursday 25th, so if there is a simple exercise to start with that you can easily explain, I'd love to hear it!

Thanks and good luck to all of us!

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Hi selma, with you on this....
Have Fruit With Every Meal is also worth trying.
foods high in fiber so check labels when grocery shopping & remember "no added sugar" dose NOT mean sugar free :)

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Yes, but u must eat the fruit an hour b4 or after ur meal...diff enzymes to break down the sugars ect.....

I just had a banana as a snack : )
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Rosemarie..I hear you on the energy part...I have good intentions but not always the energy!!

For the PT..I was told not to go to one until I was 6 weeks post op, in the meantime I was told to slowly bend my chin down to my chest and then slowly look to one side and then the other. That was pretty much all they gave me from the hospital.

At my PT some of my exercises involve carefully walking your fingers up a wall, and these sit down stretches where you hug your shoulders, bend forward and turn to one side. Mind you those seem to help my back more than my neck!! Anyhow, I was told to take it really slow so maybe just try the turns for now and see if it helps. Most of my stiffness just went away over time but I really didn't feel better till about 6 wks and it still does stiffen up now if I am doing too much.

Maybe that helps?

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I'm in!
I have been dealing with this extra 25-30 pounds for about a year. It makes me so mad because I lost 30 LB on Nutri System last year and it's all back.  I started to have too much pain after everything I did so I'm assuming that's why it came back. Maybe because I'm 50 now??   Life (health wise) has really sucked since 50!  Maybe it's because I got very lazy!
I bought a treadmill and TRYING to use it at least 5 days a week . Trying to take it slow so I don't have too much pain and want to do nothing again. It seems to be working. I haven't seen it on the scale yet but I'm starting to feel a bit better.  I try to drink alot of water too. It seems I have a hard time with that.
Also, from Nutri System I learned that more protiens and fiber are better.
I guess the main thing is to keep moving and don't over do it.
Good luck to everyone.
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Rosemary...what PT exercises were u given by the PT after surgery while in the hospital?

I was told to rotate the shoulders slowly forward and then back...also to turn my head again slowly to the left as far as I can and be sure not to lift the shoulder on the right to help keep the shoulder down, someone should hold it down.

and then repeat for the other side.....when I did not have someone to hold the shoulder down I used ankle weights...I opened the velcro can laid it flat on my shoulder and stood flat against the wall as a guide as to if I was moving my shoulders up as I turned.

Hope this helps : )
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Didn't get ANY PT advice at all in hospital -- just told me not to move my chin too far to the left or right so as not to strain my neck muscles. That's why I was wondering. I see NS in one week and will ask him :) It is improving with time, I just can't move my neck well enough to see behind me without turning my shoulders, too :)

Day two of high fiber and protien, low fat and lots of fruits, veggies and water :) We will see how it goes...and how long I can keep it up! I'm hoping to get a walk in this afternoon -- even if just around the block. Today is cool, crisp and sunny, so I'm motivated to get out there! I know -- just don't push too hard!

Good luck!
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Well it's been a week and I'm still sticking with it!! I'm not sure if there is any weight loss yet but I feel less bloated...and I am amazed how not feeling hungry stops the cravings for bad things. I have started these meal replacement shakes and they fill me up and I can pass on the carrot cake sitting in my fridge!!
Didn't help though that I had to forge through a baby shower and my son's b-day almost back to back....all that cake and good food! I didn't deny myself but I took half as much as I normally would.
I may consider weighing myself next week...if the pants are a little looser...lol
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