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does chiari cause changes in blood levels.sugar ect..

i went to family dr today and he said i am pre diabetic,and that my good cholesteral was good but my bad cholesteral was bad.is the chiari doing this or is it just my rotten luck?
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I have this issue too! To be honest with you, I dont know if they have anything to do with one another but I did notice when I went on a low carb high protein diet my symptoms werent as bad. Also caffeine makes my dizziness and lightheadedness worse. They days I dont have any caffeine my symptoms are still there, but when I do have caffeine they are 10X worse. Like I said I do not know if one has to do with the other but I have the same things going on.. My dr also said something about being insulin sensitive?
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Hi....we tend to have issues with auto immune and connective tissues.....we can also have compression in the area of the pituitary gland causing hormone issues as well.

Many chiarians do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis....which is almost as diff to get drs to test for as chiari is....so we have our work cut out for us.

I just received a CD explaining insulin issues so give me some time to review it......understand it...u know chiari and cognitive issues...lol....but as soon as I understand this I will share with u all.

BTW- while pregnant with my DD i was Hypo glycemic

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Thanks thieb9 and selma,i was hypo glycemic with my son and bordeerline with my daughter,.i am gonna try to eat a little better and see if that helps.i am gonna call some drs in nashville tenn.tomorrow and see if they can get me a appt.so keep your fingers crossed!
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fingers r crossed...let me know when I can uncross them : )

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I was diagnosed with insulin resistance at 21 and diabetes at 27. My drs think it's partly autoimmune in my case, but it could certainly be Chiari connected as well. The compression and intracranial pressure can screw up the pituitary gland, causing all sorts of hormonal problems.

Watch your carb intake. That's the best thing you can do for pre-diabetes. Try to stick at or under 40 carbs per meal. Also, eat more, smaller meals or snacks that have a good balance of protein and carbs. My glucose levels are stellar now that I try to follow those guidelines. My Hubby recently decided to take care of himself, and has cut his calories, but especially carbs. He's lost 50 lbs in 2 months and his glucose levels have come down. His readings were high enough that over time, they would have caused serious complications, like blindness, amputation of his feet, etc if he didn't get them under control. I'm happy for him, but hate it so much! We eat the same basic diet. I still eat less than him, but my weight won't budge. My dr is testing me for Hashimotos now....finally.

Good luck to ya. With the right dietary changes and exercise, which also lowers blood sugar and insulin resistance, you should be able to avoid full-blown diabetes, unless you have autoimmune components or Chiari is causing it.
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I am diabetic since back surgery in 2006; S-1 - L-4 L-5 / the stress of the surgery put the pancrease in overdrive and thus my diabetise.  

It has gradually the last year got higher it seems to make no difference what I do or what I eat.  I am on levimere 40 units at this time and 2000 mg of met formin and now novolog as needed.  

If I eat 2 pieces of breaed /  I am looking at 200 in the carb o meter so to speak; 2 hours later it is back down to 125 then two hours later it may be 165 have some vegies for lunch and it might be back down to 125 an hour later.  I can not figure out what is going on.  

I am seeing an endo cronologist at this time now for going on two weeks - I am at wits end almost so to speak.  

Is it chiari related ?/   I am having a lot of pain behind my left eye for the last year - it all checks out fine - the eye is healthy no signs of tumors, no signs of pressure on the optic nerve that the eye nuerologist can find, the pressure of the eyes are okay, no glucoma all things are okay. He did tell me that my glycmic levels are out of control  and if not fixed I will go blind just a matter of time.  

I told him I know - I am getting help with this at this time.
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If you are hypoglycemic (low blood sugars) you need to be careful what you eat but you need to increase your intake of carbohydrate foods. Rice, potatoes, bread, tortillas, cereal, milk, fruit, and sweets are all carbohydrate-rich foods.

If you are hyperglycemic (High blood sugars) you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Either of these conditions can be an dangerous but low blood sugars that drop under normal levels can lead to all kinds of problems, doing any exercise when your sugars are low will burn up more carbs and can cause your sugars to drop more, even to the point of inducing coma. I have had this experience with my partner who is insulin dependent, she has been in a coma in the past due to sudden onset hypo after taking insulin without checking her sugar levels, She has no Hypo awareness (most diabetics know if their sugars are drooping) so she needs to check before taking insulin. Normally the liver has a reserve of sugar in such an emergency but it is important to get treatment as soon as possable.
I would suggest that anyone with low blood sugars should carry glucose sweets or glucose gel with them at all times.

Hyperglycemia where the sugar levels go high can lead to a condition called Ketoacidosis witch is increased acidity in the blood, This condition is easily recognized by a sweet fruity smell from the breath of the person. This is an emergency for someone with high blood sugars and is common in type one Diabetes (Insulin dependent) witch is not treated or poorly managed.......

Talk to your GP if you suspect you have any issue with your blood sugars, get them checked on a regular bases especially when you have an underlying problem like CM. I dont know if CM can cause Diabetes but it would not surprise me if it did.

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my sugar has been high the last 3 times i went to dr.i don't eat alot of junk,i drink mountain dew about 2 or three a day,but am tryin to quit drinkin it.not sure what to eat to get levels down ,i am such a picky eater.i dont eat lite bread,or pizza,or vegatables,except beans.any suggestions?
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I have had Chiari surgery almost two years ago now and my headachs have gotton better along with the other symptoms I was having.  However now I am starting to shake and have found out that my blood sugar levels are very low.  I wonder if this is related to the Chiari at all.  I am waiting to see what my last blood test results show.  The doctor wanted to see if I am not producing certain chemicals needed or too many chemicals because I did have Chiari.  Let me know if you have any ideas.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

  To best answer u, I would have to ask if u r on ne meds?....Many meds can affect our blood sugar, our absorption, kidneys....so look to what meds u r on and possible side effects they may have.

Then talk with ur Dr about ur concerns.

  Post an update.

  BTW- I am 2.5 yrs post op as well.....and it is nice to have someone at the same recovery stage to compare notes : )  

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First off I am sorry if I am repeating anything here as I can't see straight enough to read all the posts right now and will have to come back later to do so, but I was also told I was pre diabetic (3weeks ago) and very close to being a type 2 diabetic. I did not think to ask if it was related because I was overwhelmed and freaked out. All I could think was I am 22 how could this many things possibly be wrong with me. I was put on metformin 500mg 3x a day and test my sugars and it seems no matter what I eat or if I eat nothing at all they remain high all the time, it is frustrating.
Were you refereed any where to be seen for the pre diabetes? I hope you can get some answers. Let us know if you find anything out and I will ask my doctors too know that you made me think about it.
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I too was just told I have prediabetes I'm just falling apart its one thing after another. Diagnosed with chiari in June and now prediabetes and I'm beginning to wonder if I have experienced hypoglycemia and not panic attacks. My triglycerides were high good cholesterol low and bad cholesterol high blood sugar was 98 fasting and acl diabetic test showed 5.8 but when hypoglycemic are you supposed to eat carbs?? I love carbs and have had to eliminate them. Btw 6.4 is considered diabetic. And how do we know what kind we will end up with 1 or 2? It's a very confusing illness :(
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hi same here

my blood sugar fasting... has never gone down below 100 but never risen above 110.I is always 101-109 range irrespective of the diet .Her it is classfied under prediabetes.

Postprandial is always within normal range and also random sugar is always normal.  

So the dr says*pre diabetic* and need to be careful with diet and do  exercise

but he does not pay any extra attention to my fasting sugar readings failing to go down below 100.

..I have had this problem since  a decade..,

hba1c is either close to high normal or low normal low normal    .and  always within normal range in my case .

The dr says that has to be fine and leaves it .

and triglycerides are always high in my case also ...

bad cholesterol high end of normal  ., and good cholesterol low normal ., .,where as it should be the other way normally.

and I also have too much of all sort of fat(both subcutaneous and visceral) (i had a body scan for fat   at a near by gym)and also have a  low muscle mass.
dr always says *diet and exercise* is the key .,and does not think it is related to chiari.

I have had hysterectomy too.I dont know if the uterine dysfuntion was related to chiari .

But I always have had  this doubt that all these are related .

.The csf flow study is normal

.I also have Degenerative disc., and I feel (not confirmed by drs) that I have some sort of collagen disorder.(connective tissue disorder)..

Hence I dont know if DDD and connective tissue disorder have a role to play.  

when I ask reg the connection to chiari

The dr  says *if you go on linking each and every body part to chiari then there is no end to it have some peace of mind ....dont think and link a lot *.

as for diet  I dont completely eliminate carbohydrates because they say it can make you feel tired ..but try to balance  .Dr himself says eliminating carbohydrates totally is also not good.

I am also basically  clue less.,regard to fat, triglycerides, cholesterol and sugar.
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By the way good to see an old topic brought forward and discussing issues relevant to me as well.Have not seen this before... thanks for bringing it .

read *hba1c is either close to low normal or at the high end of normal .(that means high or low to the normal values but not in between)
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Ok so I went back to look at my results and I don't know where I got that my triglycerides were high but they are not my hdl and LDL are also normal I think I just started freaking out about having prediabetes. But I also was reading about other things that could cause it and one thing is PCOS so now I would like to check with my obgyn. I'm glad to hear that I can have carbs but just have to balance them
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dont freak out at your readings.     at times one can be clueless as to waht is causing some things to be out of range.

some things can be isolated too and not necessarily always related to chiari but at the same time can co exist with chiari .

reg cholesterol after some medication my levels are normal ,so if you  experience any  problems you can consider them.,and see if that works out for you as well.

hba1c needs to be tested as often as the drs advise to test ..to see  if it is rising or falling.,and continues to be normal.
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