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for the ladies

hi I'm new here but I'm not very good with the computer so not sure how much I will utilize it. Anyways this is a hard question to ask but I have to no if it effects any other ladys. When u have sex or satisfy urself after and durring ur orgasm does ur head just kill?? I had surgery three years ago and dnt have that many symtoms.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I am a little confused...u want to know if we get HA's post op after an orgasm?Do I have that right?

And if u  do not have many symptoms after having surgery 3 yrs ago , then u r one of the lucky ones.....

As for me...I avoid all physical activity...as it always pained me...lol....too much to go into on a public forum....but for a chiarian u should know strain, and physical exertion causes pain....
Many of us have other related issues that may also cause problems.....I am not one to openly discuss.....I feel like I am walking around a hedge with thorns on it.....neway...

The more u use the computer the better u will get at it, I was not all that good, still have issues with some areas...but I can handle my own here : )

I hope u share more of ur chiari experience with us.....

We r happy to have u join us, but not happy for the reason that brings u.

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I haven't had surgery yet but yes my head THROBS usually right after an O but a couple times it has occurred right in the middle of one!
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You know I wanted to ask this question but could not figure out how to phrase it. For me the room will spin as if I have been drinking and yeah sometimes I will get I headache ...so I just tell my loving hubby it is better to give rather than receive if you know what I mean and you know it is what it is and as long as you and your partner are talking about what hurts or what you can or can not do then that is what love and love making is right ?
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I guess I'm lucky. I don't have this problem. Sometimes I'm really dizzy and can't really walk around much but for the most part my head wont hurt.
I have endometriosis too so I have other sexual health problems associated with that :(
It *****.
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i occasionally had a problem with that prior to surgery, but post op, had no problems at all!  until, that is, i was rear ended and my titanium plate came loose.  now, every time i move my head, it's poking something it has no business touching.  it's excruciating!!  so i guess my question for trixsy is....do you have a plate in your head?  if so, get some plain x-rays, flextion and extension.  this is the only way you will be able to see it.  good luck!

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