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no symptoms

we went to niagara falls this weekend for my sons OBA tourniment (they won gold:)..) and i had no symptoms at all i felt great it's the first time in a year that i had no symptoms and felt great!!! can i expect that to happen again or was it just a fluke?
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Maybe you had such a great time that you were able to mentally block out any symptoms? This can happen often when the release of endorphins and serotonin levels rise in the brain, causing happiness and pleasure.

I have periods where I am in great moods and I'm enthusiastic about a lot of things. Minimal symptoms occur during these times, but they always return. These "euphoric" feelings I have never last, and that is the bad thing.
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^^ I totally agree with that.
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Congratulations!  I am glad you had a symptom free few days.  I have days where I feel almost normal and it doesnt last either.  It is not uncommon for symptoms to cycle.  You know the "good days, bad days"  we all go thru.  You know it may have something to do with altitude too... or barometric pressure where you were.  I noticed an improvement in symptoms in the virgin islands.  I remember being the airport putting asorbine jr on my neck and when we got there the pain was gone and didnt return till I got home.   I havent been able to explain that but I am guessing it is different climate.  

I do like the enorphin theory too.  I dont think enough is known in general about Chiari to know for sure.  At least I dont think there is science of research to answer this that I am aware of.  

I hope this helps.  Wishing you many more pain free days.  

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  HI... I am so glad u were feeling good for ur trip!!...As the others mentioned chiari symptoms cycle and is a reason it is diff to dx with the ever changing symptoms and the fact they r not constant.

Weather as well as altitude can have an affect like Pam noted.....be advised, do not over do when u feel good, bcuz u will slip back into a flare and feel poorly.

Enjoy the good days going slow : )

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On a smaller scale, I sometimes go out with my girlfriends, and I'm distracted and happy that I don't notice the pain. Once I leave the restaurant, I'm like, "Oh, wow. I need to take my meds, NOW."
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I've heard of this theory that pertains I guess more to chronic pain. When you are busy and trying to get something done you almost close the gates on pain receptors BUT when you sit down to relax they come wide open and that is why a lot of people experience more pain upon relaxing. I'm not sure if that really applies to you or not, but I do also remember in the beginning of my symptoms that it would cycle a lot which made it hard when going to see my Dr. I would feel awful when I'd call for the appt but by the time I got there, things had got better. Then I'd leave and a few days later it would be back. It was very frustrating!! I found though, that each time my symptoms reappeared they would be just a little worse and that there was some residual effects left behind.

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