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4 year old wipes but doesn't feel dry?

Hello Ladies,
My sister has a 4 year old that is constantly complaining that her "vagina area" is wet. She goes to the potty and wipes and wipes and wipes.  She still complains it is wet when it is obviously dry.  Her pediatrician mentioned OCD and we thought that was outrageous. BUT, it seems like it could be the problem when it's googled. Has anyone had any problems with this or have any insight? Thanks!
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Are you absolutely sure it's dry?  I guess if her ped examined her she doesn't have a rash or infection that would make her feel wet,  she probably isn't,  but that is a mucous membrane,  so in fact,  it should be wet.  I wonder if just telling her her mouth is wet,  her eyes are wet,  that's the way bodies work.  It's supposed to be that way might help.  
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It's just odd.  She's trying to get in with a urologist but the wait is unreal. Then, her friend who is a pharmacutical (sp) rep was trying to get her in sooner mentioned the exact same thing and sent her links on the whole OCD thing. Super weird. Thought I'd throw it out there to the med-help world, but thanks Rock Rose!
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Hm.  It does sound like a bit of OCD,  it also sounds a bit odd that all other girls don't notice their genitals are wet. I mean,  really,  what would we all think of a kid saying MY EYES ARE WET,  or MY MOUTH IS WET.  They are wet, as well as female genitals are wet.  I'm not sure I get this whole thing  with her being upset about it,  and other people acting like it isn't true.  

Best wishes making her more comfortable.
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