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5 yr old saying strange things the past few days

Hi, everyone. I have a 5yo daughter who is pretty well behaved but started crying for 30 mins because she says her brain is telling her to do bad things. We were having a good day together and out of nowhere she called me stupid and before I could reprimand her she immediately started crying and saying those things. I tried to brush it off and calm her down and she eventually did. Now, in the middle of the night, she woke up crying that she wanted to sleep in my bed but I needed to come get her because she sees me in front of her but knows I'm not really there. I asked her how long she as been seeing things at night and she said she always sees things at night that aren't there. She never mentioned anything like this before. She has been waking up crying from nightmares for a week, as well. I'm wondering if this is all just a fluke thing or if something serious is going on. I just think this is all strange and coming out of nowhere. I will call her doctor about it but was wondering if anyone else has been through a similar situation. BTW, she also has had a cold the past few days so maybe shes "off" from that?
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It sounds like she either is coming down with a virus or your house is haunted.
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I would have her tested for strep.
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