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Did I infect that person with chlamydia?

So, on January 28 I gave oral sex to a guy. He did ejaculate in my mouth and I swallowed. The next day, he called to tell me that he had just received a call from planned parenthood saying that he tested positive in chlamydia and that it is possible that I could be infected now and therefore should get tested. That same day on researched all the symptoms of chalmydia, and found out that it is indeed possible to get chalmydia in the throat, a low risk, but still possible. On the 29th, I got a really soar throat and became extremely worried. On the 30th I already had a Doctor's appointment so when I went to see my doctor and told her that I might have contracted chlamydia. She prescribed me the pill. I took the pill that same day in the afternoon. I placed the date of when I took the pill to keep track for the seven days of treatment to not have sex. But stupid was so stressed out that I did not realized that I wrote the wrong day in and ended up having vaginal sex, NO ORAL , with another guy on the 6th day of the treatment.
So, my question is, did I infect this guy, and therefore reinfect myself?
My mouth didn't go anywhere near him, but do the antibiotics flush out the disease down my vagina?
Did I even have it in the first place?
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Was the vaginal sex protected? If so zero chance to infect a male essentially. It seems that you can only have chlamydia in your throat, so unless you gave unprotected oral sex to the make in day 6 there is no transmission risk.

Did you have it in the first place? Odds are very low, I believe well less than 10% chance.

What pill did you have? Very likely this would have killed of the bacteria within a couple of days. The abstain week has a a lot of conservatism in it.

All up, I would have a throat swab to eliminate any chance. Wouldn't hurt to mutually test before activity with all partners in future.
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