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How is this possible?

My wife and I have been together for 14 years.  Since we have been together I have not had any kind of physical relationship with anyone but her. I have also never suspected her of cheating on me. My wife is 36 weeks pregnant and had been tested for stds early on in the pregnancy.  She was negative.  I recently went to the doctor because of a constant urge to urinate. He tested me and I came back positive.  I have never cheated on my wife and I don't believe that she would be messing around while pregnant. How could I have tested positive? I've also been doing some research online and my only symptom, the urge to urinate, isn't usually listed under chlamydia.  I don't have any of the symptoms normally listed. My wife is going to be tested later today.  I'm really confused and concerned that this may cause damage to our marriage that we can never fix. I believe my wife and I know that I have been faithful,  how does this happen?  Someone please help me.
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You are right, urge to pee is not related to chlamydia. Did you get the actual test results? I take it that you had a PCR on your urine?
Have you taken medication? Perhaps best not to and repeat the test in a couple of weeks. A negative will essentially prove an incorrect positive result this time.
If your wife is positive then there will be more to sort through. Has she been having internal exams?
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She was tested in October and was negative.  She's being tested tomorrow.  I'm almost half way through the meds. already.  I spoke with a urologist,  he said that there was a more detailed test they could do now that I have already been taking the antibiotics.  It is some sort of DNA test.  I'm also going to get a copy of my medical records.  I am not sure if I have ever been tested for stds prior to this. If I had,  and it was lying dormant all this time, it still would have come up on a test.  (I think ) . Anyway, thanks for the feedback.  I'll keep you posted
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The standard testing now is to check for DNA of relevant bacteria. So that begs the question as to what test you had the first time and did it specifically look for chlamydia or bacteria in general etc.

Chlamydia is very easy to spread. A few sexual episodes means nearly a 100% chance of transmission.
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