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I've been tested and treated for everything

I had cloudy/yellow discharge about 4months ago, 11days after have unprotected sex.
I've been treated and retreated for chlamydia, trachomatis, gonorrhoea, with azithromycin, metronidazole and doxycycline. I have been tested and retested for the above, all came back negative.

I still have discharge, everyday, not a huge amount, but still everyday. I am living in a foreign country (in asia) until later this year and have been here for the last 2years, the health service here is not as good as back home, and essentially, the doctor is out of ideas, I'm very worried and I'm desperate with have no idea what to do.

Can anybody help, or help shed some light on what might be happening? Is the unprotected sex and this possibly just a coincidence? What else could it be if not an STD?

I am in my early 20s and have had absolutely no sexual contact since that day 4months ago.
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Have you had your prostate checked?
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no, should i? and what would they be looking for?
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If you have all of these negative tests, can't think this is a uretha infection so my next guess would be prostate. They might check for inflamation or infection.
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If it in fact is a prostate infection,
1. Did the unprotected sex have nothing to do with it?
2. Are prostate infections problematic? Contagious?
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1. Probably
2. Not sure
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Had a prostate exam, no inflammation, took 2 more courses of different antibiotics for prostate infection, still have symptoms, no change/

Went back to the doctor and he told me he's given me all the drugs for all the treatments he can think of. Then, essentially, accused me of exaggerating my symptoms because there wasn't much discharge when he looked and asked me if I still thought there was actually a problem. I again told him that it builds up, especially in the morning there is a lot when I wake up. The doctors are out of ideas, and i still have symptoms. Can anyone help?

I am abroad, the health service here isn't as good. I will be until June so any help, please, I'm desperate.
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I don't see what else I can say. Try posting in uriology and men's health or even pay to post in the expert forum.
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