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So i recently got chlamydia from an unfaithful partner. Received a treatment of Azithromycin (spelling?) and still noticed I could 'milk' my penis and see a clear liquid. Thinking I still had something i went back in and they gave me metronidazole and doxycycline to be sure if any other STIs could be causing it.

I recently re-testing and it came back negative for chlamydia

I'm done with all the treatments and i have no actual discharge, but if i milk my penis I can still get a tiny amount of clear liquid, and i never noticed this previously. Is there anything that I could possibly still have after all those treatments or am I just being crazy?
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Hi, our penis always have a clear mucus lining and milking would make some appear.
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I should have mentioned that after I urinate there's a small line of sticky fluid too that stays on my head. Never had that before.

I got a urinalysis and the only out I'd the ordinary thing it stated was "high gravity"
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Could be some residual mucus from the infection itself. Chalmydia causes open sores inside and mucus is created as a soothing effect.
with all the antibiotics I took should I just wait this out and it'll pass? Just don't want to have a small chance of it being something else and passing it on
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