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Untreated Chlamydia

Dear Dr.,
       I have a question regarding chlamydia.  I read in one of the forums that if left untreated, chlamydia (and other infections, e.g. gonorrhea) may/will go away with time (e.g. within 6-12 months).  Since chlamydia symptoms are unlikely (50% of men show symptoms) and generally the infection can go away if left untreated, what are the chances that a sexually active person may have been exposed to chlamydia, not know about it, and 2 years later be tested for STDs and not have the infection show up.  Since chlamydia can cause damage to men and women, has the damage already been done without knowing about it?

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If its been there long enough to do damage, it wouldn't be going away.  In most cases, at some point, you'd start feeling very badly if it was doing damage - pain, fever, aches, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

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Thank you for that clarification Aj.   :-)  For those reading, the posting was in no way trying to encourage people to not get checked frequently if sexually active, but rather in case it had been already overlooked.
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There are no animal models to show that Chlamydial infections are resolved by the host over time. CDC recommendations are to treat if infected. Theorectically symptoms may not be present because of host immune factors. But I doubt that the human will resolve the infection without antibiotics. Only futher research would prove this point. But, I don`t see where that particular argument should be researched ethically. Especially since Chlamydia is so easily treated . Take care.
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