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High Triglycerides eventhough eating healthy and exercise almost everyday

Hi, I have been exercising almost everyday for 2 hours (Tennis) and eat healthy food (salad mainly with no meat) M-F, and I reserve weekend for (not junk food) good meal such as occasional steak (small size and lean) and other type of foods. Im 5'9" and weigh about 178lbs.

I just did my bloodwork and the result is not good. Why my triglycerides is so high (460) and I dont drink sugary drinks at all, I dont eat cakes, cookies, or any processed foods and dont drink sodas and not even carbonated drink. I do drink coconut water during my exercise instead of gatorade. I drink 2 glasses of wine occasionally, dont like beer that much and I dont drink alcohol every week.
I have followed everything that should reduce my triglyceride level but no luck.
My Cholesterol is in borderline but manageable.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Either this is inherited or there is something else going on.  High triglycerides are also associated with some conditions.  Do you eat any kind of good fats in your diet?  Oily fish?  
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High triglycerides come from sugar, but many foods metabolize as sugar. Mainly empty carbs to sugar as well, like breads and pastas. Also, alcohol metabolizes so you may want to cut back on the wine.
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I am working on it. I walk a lot and eat more healthy food such as vegetables and fruits often. I also keep adequate amount of food to avoid over weight. I do a lot of garden work and house work to sweat and reduce my weight.
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