Once on a statin is it best to remain on it for life?

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When I first started Lipitor my cholesterol came down right away.  My GP didn't want me to stop taking it.  He says there are advantages to continue taking it
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I do not know the answer to your question as when I asked my endocrinologist why she coded me as having high cholesterol, when my levels have not changed more than 5 points in 25 years.  Her response was, most people should be on a statin because of the benefits to lessening the change of stroke or heart attack (when they are older - after middle age).  The reason for the diagnosis code, my Thyroid levels go out of wack every few years and it triggers AFIB.  I am doing my research, I have talked to my primary and cardiologist.  Primary says it is a good thing and cardiologist said all doctors have different opinions.  But he did remind me, Cholesterol is one of those diseases (like high blood pressure) you don't know daily how your body is doing and the RX you take is possibly saving your life.
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