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Chronic fatigue lasting almost 2 years accompanied by severe headache

I woke up one morning almost 2 years ago with a complete loss of energy and severe head pain around my sinuses and as a band around the head.
I have gone to dozens of doctors, cognitive behavioral therapists, ENTs, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, biofeedback, had complete blood work done multiple times, gut tests, used essential oils, sauna therapy, exercise, sleep, relaxation techniques, etc...
Absolutely nothing has moved the needle. Even a diagnosis of autoimmune and anemia being successfully treated showed no results.
I can't even leave the house, now.
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You can try Yoga for a change. Can also consult a doctor online.  Online Pharmacy
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This is a long shot, but:
Have you ever had meningitis or encephalitis? From the time your symptoms were first manifest, have you had any difficulty with coordination or walking, or simply sitting up? Any inexplicable nausea? Problems with vision, such as double vision?
Has your neurologist tested your cerebrospinal fluid for overpressure? (This can involve a spinal tap to drain fluid, followed by observation to detect symptom changes if any.) Have you had a CT scan or MRI of your brain, and if so what were the results as regards central volume and the appearance of your lateral ventricles?

If your answers to my questions are largely negative or not applicable, then I think you can ignore this. It's the only hammer I have, so the world looks like a very particular tenpenny nail to me.
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