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Is excessive daytime sleepiness CFS?

I've been just konking out in the middle of the day.  I wake up sometimes with my head on the table other times just leaning back (Ouch btw)  Its a pain in the ass.  If I wasn't working for myself I'm sure I would be fired.  My doctor has me taking a low dose of Adderall in the morning and if I feel like I'm going to konk out a second (10mg) anytime before 2 PM.   Does anyone else here have anything like this?  The meds seem to solve the problem if I don't blow off the pre konking out symptoms.  Thanks for any thoughts on this.  I think somewhere it said I had excessive daytime sleepiness.  I don't know if that a thing or just a was to describe what happens.
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Adderall is a prescription drug that has some side effects on the liver and kidneys, Cannot be taken for long periods of time. Doctors often use Adderall to treat narcolepsy and sleepiness which is a sleep disorder.
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Nope, James, CFS is far more hellish than that.

Maybe you get a dip in blood glucose? You can buy a glucose meter and test strips and begin stabbing your fingers if you feel like experimenting. Or... it could be one of a dozen or two other causes - as you likely know.

"If I wasn't working for myself I'm sure I would be fired."
Nice sense of humor there in the face of adversity :)

Oh, I just looked and saw insomnia on your page. That'd get my vote as the cause.
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Hi James,

Did you discuss with your doctor for the possibility of following possibilities:
1. Sleep Apnea
2. Hypothyroidism
3. RLS

Do you mind telling me how old are you? and which state in US do you live in?
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Sorry swore off being here for ummm 2 years... Then was curious about some of the stuff I wrote as a Diary.  I'm 60ish no to 1 and 2 not sure on 3?  What is RLS?  For what its worth the Adderall XR in the morning seems to have solved my problem.  "Doctors often use Adderall to treat narcolepsy and sleepiness which is a sleep disorder."  That is what was diagnosed.  Thanks for the replies !
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