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Is it chronic fatigue syndrome of something else?

Hello everyone. So, for years now I have suffered from extreme fatigue and brain fog/memory issues. I had my testosterone and thyroid checked, both were low. I on now on thyroid meds and testosterone replacement but it hasn't made a dent in my fatigue and brain fog despite my levels being optimal now. I do have sleep apnea and use a CPAP at night but my numbers there are also optimal. Caffeine, and most stimulants, make the fatigue worse. I've tried everything under the sun including natural supplements but nothing helps. I'm currently prescribed Provigil but it does little to help. I also suffer from chronic pain. Another thing that is weird is when I get too warm my concentration levels (which is already low) plummets even more. All the doctor's I've seen have no explanation and I am desperate for some answers and possible solutions. Thanks everyone.
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