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Bonnie blood values - is there any hope?

01.19.2021 my Bonnie is shy of 11 years. She is a wheaten terrier. About 10 to 14 days ago she started feeling under the weather. I thought her fever was a result of a lipoma. She had has two fevers of unknown origin (vet) since october 2019. I was bringing her in for her vaccinations. She had lot five pounds. I requested a blood test. She has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The vet thinks palliative care isn't an option. I wish i could insert a pic of her test fesults. But here goes. I am listing all values outside of range, either low or high.
RBC 4.63
Hematocrit 37.9
Hemoglobin 12.1
MCV 82
MCHC 31.9
Eosinophils 0.062
IDEXX SDMA 63 or higher
Creatinine 5.7 or higher
BUN 90
Phosphorous 12.1
Potassium 6.2
Albumin 2.4
ALP 617
Amylase 3,455
Is there nothing that can be done? She is dying. But I got these yesterday AM and my vet was talking about euthanasia and we haven't had time go digest. She isn't a lab rat. I have an appointment for 01.22.21 AM for a second opinion (we need time to adjust). Would IV subcutaneous drips and appetite simulants do anything for a bit longer? She seems still able to enjoy life a bit. Eating little, drinking less now, sleeping or laying quietly,  ut did eat a little this AM 01.20.21. I am syringing pedialyte. She drank H2O herself yesterday. She goes outside and presses her nose in the snow, looks outside the window, still hears, sees, and follows my commands. HELP. Any input is much appretiated. I thought she had a stomach virus, but apparently she is dying. She doesn't vomit up the solids or liquids. But there are a few gastric juice spots on the porch carpet with no food in it. CAN I TAG PICS OF HER Serology report?
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Oops i meant two fevrrs since october 2020. She was 42 lbs nad down to 37lbs.
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