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ear infection after a really bad cold and a bout of bronchitis?

so about like 2 months ago i came up with a really bad cold. it was horrible, i woke up at night with trouble breathing. eventually the cold lessened. but i had bronchitis for like almost 3 weeks. i have taken antibiotics  azithromycin but it didnt do much. after 5 days i was still miserable. i was put on it again for an extra 5 days but it just didnt work. finally my doctor put me on amoxicillin/Clav 875mg and that helped a little. and the bronchitis seemed to have cleared. then a week later my ears begin to hurt. the pain was pretty bad. i thought it would go away on its own but after a week it seemed to be getting worse. so back to the doctor yet again. he again gave a me a shot in the but of antibiotics and then same antibiotic again amoxicillin/clav 875 mg. after a few days the pain lessened but it is still there. know 6 days into the antibiotic i still have some pain althought it is not as bad as it was a week ago. i only have 4 days of antibiotics left and still got some ear pain. it is on both ears. every time i move my jaw or yawn  i can hear my ears crackling. i got some ringing too.  i have a fear that the last 4 days of antibiotics it wont clear it up. its been almost 2 months since that damn cold and im still not healthy. what could this be? has anyone ver had a similar problem?
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It's important to finish the full course of medication regardless of how you feel.  Typically pain is eased or gone completely after a couple of days.  Do you think you burst your ear drum with the infection?  That happens.  I would finish your antibiotic and if you still have ear discomfort, schedule a recheck with your doctor.  Hope you are all better soon!
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