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Coughing after getting diagnosed with strep throat

I was diagnosed with strep throat at an urgent care 2 days ago and almost all the symptoms adds up (fever, red throat, white pus, very difficult swallowing pain). However the rapid lab test that they gave me came back negative. The doctor told me that the test could be wrong and prescribed me with 10 days of amoxicillin.
The only symptom that doesn't seems to align with strep is a cough that I've been having. At the time of visiting the urgent care, it was minor enough to be dismissed but today it got so bad that I couldn't sleep.
Should I be worried about having something else that isn't strep throat? It hurts a lot and it gotten a bit better now, so maybe the antibiotics is working?
What's the cough about?

Im 31 male
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Hello and welcome to the forum. The first throat culture is checked for strep and does often show negative but they test it again and find that step has appeared. That's quite common. I'm not sure if this happened with your situation or not. But you may have visually presented with strep to make the doctor confident. You can also have a terrible sore throat because of a regular cold virus where  cough is likely or perhaps you have a secondary issue now from the original strep throat, not uncommon. The cough is not an indication that the antibiotic isn't working. Most viruses that involve a cough will self resolve and you give comfort care. Were you tested for covid? It never hurts to check back in with your doctor for confirmation and peace of mind.
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