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Colds with Menstrual Cycle

Every month when I come on my cycle I seem to catch a cold. Is there really a link? What can I do to try to head it off before I get sick? Is this normal or do I have an immune system issue?
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Me too, my doctor said there is no link between the two but I have to disagree.
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I think there is a link. as i myself go through this almost every month. Mind you i only noticed this about a year ago. it could be because of hormone changes in the body. i am looking into this....best of luck.
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I'll give my thoughts on this, but just guessing.  When you bleed every month, could be it's creating a little anemia.  This sets up the body to where it cannot resist infection as well.  So, the solution is to eat foods and take vitamins that will help restore blood cell counts to their normal levels.  Do a search online for anemia and foods & vits that will help it.  I used to have a website handy I'd give folks about that, but I lost it a few months ago.  I know steak is what a relative of mine would eat when he had chemo, to ward off anemia, and I believe iron is the mineral you need to replace after that time of the month.
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I am so glad I found this post.  I was beginning to think I was imagining the link.  I've only been tracking for about a year or so, but if I think back I would say this has been going on for over 2 years.  With just about every period I get a cold, sometimes a mild head cold, sometimes it develops into something more (specifically in November 2008, I was diagnosed with a pneumonia and don't you know that day my period started).  My GP said he did not know of any link & so did my OB.  

I've upped my vitamin intake - no luck.  I am just so glad to know that I am not imagining this.  It's kind of depressing to KNOW that every month, in addition to all the routine complaints of getting your period, I am going to get head cold symptoms too!

BTW, I am 40.  Generally in good health.  Last blood work panel (with inlcuded a vitamin test) showed pretty much everything was good (b-12 & D were low, PTH was high; and I know this means that I need to increase my calcium & D)
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I am a 43 yrs old and I have been getting a cold after my cycle for the past 7 or 8 years. It is more so during the winter months. I am not for sure if this if because I dislike cold weather or because my body dislikes cold weather. In the summertime I seem fine. I can tell my immune system is weaker, but I do not get the cold.
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I am glad I am not crazy....I know that there has to be a link!  I get a head cold at the beginning of my cycle (before the cramping and bleeding) every single month.  It has to be hormonal.  I suspect it is because my mucus thins.....it has been much more consistent ever since my last child who is now 14 months old!
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