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Flu like symptoms?

Several days ago I was dizzy, did not sleep well, and had an upset stomach. My apetite has returned, no upset stomach, i still sleep a lot but I cannot stand for a long time. I have no fever, no sore throat, and blood pressure is 120/72.

I am feeling much better other than the dizziness. Could this be the after effects of the flu?
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It is possible that it could be from the flu.I would wait and see if you feel better soon.I had those same symptoms and it ended up being a ultser so you never know.Good luck
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your body could just be putting itself right. im no doctor but i had the same happen to me and have just been told i have m.e after feeling like that for over a year. if the symptoms dont go away after a few weeks or get any worse go to the dr as this could be something else and not just a flu.  hope this helped
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It may also be from environmental allergies , ask the Doctor for a heavy metal fest ,
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