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High-Dose Flu Vaccine

Went to pharmacy today to get flu shot. Pharmacist said there are two types: a regular or a high-dose. She said they ran out of the high-dose, but the regular dose would be ok, so this is what I got.
After I returned home, I checked on the internet and found out that a high-dose type is strongly recommended for people over 65 (I am over 80). Question: Should I now get a high-dose type on top of the regular type I got, or is this not recommended?
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I have to be honest here. I never heard of high dose and regular dose flu vaccine!  Truth, getting the actual flu is rare. It sure stinks when you get it but most people have it one or two times in a LIFETIME. And NOW we have tamiflu. I'm sure if there are two options, I've only gotten the regular flu vaccine. I'm in my 50's. Two years ago, my son was very sick with a 105 temp. I took care of him and we went to the doctor in the morning. He tested positive with influenza A which is the worse one of the two. My other son then also came down with it. Now, my first son that had been so ill took tamiflu and was better by night time in terms of his fever and how he felt. My second son started tamiflu as SOON as he spiked a fever. He never had a fever again. *I* having been vaccinated had no symptoms at all and feel like I didn't get sick or catch it because of that flu vaccine (my kids weren't vaccinated). Ask your doctor but in reality, you should actually be just fine with the regular dose flu. I understand the risks are greater. But you don't want to overdue it either with the vaccine.
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If your doctor thinks you need it, you can ask what your options are. How much higher is the high dose? Could you get half a regular dose and cover it? And should you do it soon? These are questions to ask your care provider and PLEASE let me know what they say as I'm interested.
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