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Sore Throat

I keep getting these throat "infections". I think they're infections because my tonsils get all swollen and hurt when I wake up. It's painful to swallow. My tonsils had pus but it wasn't a lot just a dot on each tonsil. At night I loose my voice or easily sometimes during the day. It makes me very desperate because I already went once to the doctor and she told me to do a blood test that I don't know how to read but it seemed all wacky. My doctor had suggested many things but when she gave me the antibiotics nothing changed. I'm going to the doctor again, hopefully soon but I really just wanted some help for meanwhile. If anyone has anything similar or has any information on this please post.
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Could be indegestion. Do you belch a lot? How often do you eat before bed? The antibiotics could have made it worst. Is it a burning feeling deep in the throat? Try falling asleep in a recliner chair, or sofa. If you're laying down, the stomach acid will come up into the esophagus. Take TUMS. If the sore throat didn't react at all to the antibiotics, it's not an infection.
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Wow, I really think It's indigestion. Because I belch all the time and big belching. I used to eat before bed  but I don't anymore. Thing is, today I got the results from my head X-rays and i have Chronic sinus so I think it's a combination of both these things. Thank you so much for your response.
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whenever you sleep keep your face fully covered.
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