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Rapid weight gain and distention

I am 38 and have given birth by Csect to four children.  I am a small framed person usually staying around 135 - 140.   The last 8 mos I have gained twenty pounds.  I am so bloated in my abdomin I truly look at least 6 months pregnant.  I went to my gyno who did a sonogram.  He said my uterus was twice the normal size but still within normal limits,  He also noticed fybroids which he biopsied and said theres no problem there.  He did say my thyroid was on the low side and put me on a low dose of Synthroid.  I have been taking it for 2 mos and have noticed a difference with my energy, hair and sking but I am bigger than ever!  I know I cant be diagnosed over the net but any suggestions of other things to check?  My abdominal area is so tight and bloated I feel like it could pop!  Thanks!
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