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Respected Sir. I am from India. I am 34 years old. HBV carrier. Incidentally by blood was diagnised and found screening test hbsag-positive. SGPT-20 Imeediately Doctor advised to check my hbcab and hbeag they were positive and negitive respectively. When my wife(30) and children (9-f, 7-m) were checked for hbsag screening test they all negitive and their LFT are also normal but my child isolated ALP alevated (20 points) . My wife previously did not take any HBV vaccination but my children got vaccination after theri birth during the routine vacination schedule. Are they infected with hbv? what is the mean of hbv mutations? Every one those who have hbsag will suffer from liver cancer and chirrhisis?. Any medicine is available to prevent chirrosis and liver cancer Please explain". I heard one herbal medicine name liv52 hb is eradicate the hbv from liver cells. What is the clinical research of this medicine? is it better of HBV eradication? Recently I feel pain at right abdomin and the hole right abdomin feel wighty and suffering from constipation
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Since your wife is negative for HBsAg and that your kids were vaccinated, it is unlikely that they are infected.
Mutations mean change in the genetic material which may have an impact on treatment.
Not all who are positive for HBsAg develop cirrhosis and cancer.
If you have still not developed cirrhosis, check your HBV DNA levels and decide on antiviral treatment.
Complete eradication of HBV cannot be guaranteed with any medicine.

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