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about four years ago before I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 , I was consuming diet soda , Chinese slimming herb tea and using psylium husk powder , after doing this for a few days I was disturbed in my sleep after passing gas , it was so profuse in odor , I had never released such a foul odor before , after that I stopped taking slimming tea and the psyllium husk ,, but my bowel movements and gas wer still the same ,,I still have it now ,,I stopped taking my metformin and taking insulin for the past 2 years ,,, sometimes I pee a lot and sometimes im regular ,,just depends on how much sugar I have ingested ,, but now im getting thick paste like bowel movements possibly due to dehydration from urinating so much , I urinate two to three times during my sleep periods basically disturbing my sleep ,, but as of the last couple of weeks i've had mabey one b.m. a day and I get a bloated /polluted feeling inside and two days ago I had a mild buffered pain in my lower intestine ,, I finnaly was able to have a good bm and it felt like I released something that was giving that mild pain ,,,I have had my feces tested four years ago and nothing wrong then ,, im thinking I might have seeping gut syndrome or diverticulosis ,,, the doctors I seen did not even touch on the profuse odor question I asked ,,,,is this just natural for men my age ? I'm 46 yrs old ,,,,please let me know if any one can answer PLEASE PLEASE  ? ?
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