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complete excision of this lesion.

Hello, I am new here and a bit concern as
My older sister recently underwent her first Colonoscopy at the age of 62 the findings were:

clinical history: anemia, iron deficiency, rectal bleeding unexplained iron deficiency anemia evaluation of unexplained gi bleeding.

clinical impression: normal mucosa in the terminal ileum. 3cm mass measuring 0.7 cm x 0.7 cm x 0.2 cm in the asending colon; mild diverticulosis of the whole colon; external hemorrhoids, grade 2 internal hemorrhoids.

A biopsy was performed and final diagnosis was multiple superficial fragments of tubular adenoma with high grade dysplasia, one fragment shows an area suspicious but not diagnostic for invasive carcinoma.

Recommendation complete excision of this lesion.

  We will be meeting with a surgeon in the very near future and not understanding exactly what this means, I am concerned proper questions will not be asked.

What do I need to know about this condition to ask questions? What questions should I ask?

We lost our dad 5 years ago to  lung cancer, so any information would be greatyly and deeply appreciated...

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