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Bone Spurs
Over the past 9 months i have had 3 upper teeth pulled due to an infection that went from my gum up into my sinus cavity. (the infection is gone) During those extractions I have had 3 bone spurs or at least that is what I think they are, one was filed down when the second tooth was pulled and now I have 2 that have been there for the past 6 months. One is really high up in my gum, close to my sinus and the other is right on the ridge of one of the extraction sites. They are very irritating and I was wondering why my oral surgeon will not do anything about them. The last time I went in (2weeks ago) he thought the one that was really high up could be scar tissue, so he made an incision and scraped the area to try and loosen it up. This did not work. When I take my finger and rub these two areas I can feel something like granules and they are deep. Is that why my surgeon doesn't want to remove them, because they are so deep? If you take 2 fingers and run them down each side of my gum, you can definitely feel the two areas and that they are different from the other side. Could it be something else besides bone spurs that my surgeon isn't telling me?

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