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Gum Inflammation and lump

Hello my problem is little long almost 8 months I felt a little lump in my gum above of a molar with a previous root canal ...I visited several dentist but anyone made nothing...the lump was increased in size, had pain, redness and another signs of inflammation.....I decided beginning antibiotic and went with another dentist ....finally this Dr. made x-ray and saw a huge mass(aprox. 2cm) that affected jaw bone ....this molar and next are moils so he decided extraction of the molar with previous root canal ,emotion of the tumor, curettage of bone and clean this area ....He don’t take any sample for pathology because the aspect of tumor impression  benign ( granulation tissue) I took antibiotic by 14 days ( I don’t know how I didn’t a pseudomembranose colitis) and week  follow up + x ray  where did a 2nd curettage because of granulation tissue present...continue follow up now each 2 weeks and on the x rays we can see ne bone formation ....3 week ago he made a root canal of next tooth and since that moment I have pain, a very little  increased gum I cant to eat I can to brush that area ,the flossing is painless  and I continue taking antibiotics...due all this I lost a baby 1 week ago and now .I am very worried about it because I have a toddler  and he is my life  and I would like to be with him until he can take care for himself...I will have a maxillofacial evaluation on 27 July....thank you
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