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Post surgery pain

Hi, I recently had my wisdom tooth out as of an infection. I got my tooth out on Feb 19th of this year. I have had nothing but problems since it was taken out. It first started off by getting a dry socket 3 days after the procedure was done. I then started having sever pain a week later, I went back to the surgent and he found a piece of tooth that he had left behind. I have still been in serve pain since then, my oral surgent refered me to another doctor which is only a pain management doctor. As my family doctor refered me to another doctor in Michigan. I went and seen him, he thinks that I have permenate never damage. I cannot open my mouth 1/2 of what i used to be able to. I can not bend over and pick anything up with out my mouth/jaw throbing..   I feel the side of my mouth and there is a hard hard lump by my jaw and i feel like there is something stuck in there. Have you heard of never damage doing this before or have any idea what this could be? I just need to get some answers for this pain thank you.
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Seeing a tmj specialist and/or orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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