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jaw, neck, upper teeth, pressure around sinus area pain.
Hey, i suffer with anxiety and it did die off until about a month ago.

i had a sudden pain in the right side of my face by my cheek bone.. i paniced which has now kicked off my anxiety once again.

I had pressure behind my eyes and pressure in the top of my nose and around my forhead.
I was treating my sefl for sinusitis.. it killed it off but now im getting..

jaw pain
neck pain
sometimes dizzyness,
pain around sinus area
and pressure in my eyes.

i also feel like my head is too heavy to hold up :(
my upper teeth also feel funny. like tingling.

I herd it could be tmj, because of my anxiety it can trigger it off...

im scared to see a doctor because i naturally worry to much due to anxiety

Please help meee.. ;) xx
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I had alot of anxiety last month and got a bad sinus infection, and now have ear, neck and jaw pressure. I started prednisone and that helped for a few days and felt better. But then I went out and drank some beer and now the inflammation has returned. You can create allergy affects from high anxiety and your sinuses could be inflamend causing pressure on your nerves inside your face and neck which can cause transference pain. If you talk to the doctor about this he should give you some drugs to relax you and prednisone to help with the inflammation. But this is all just a guess on my part, but for sure the prednisone helped me and then after drinking it came back, I know that drinking causing swelling so it makes sense.
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