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root canal cyst
I had 2 root canals and 2 crowns approx 1 1/2 yrs ago. The crowns fell out and that day the dentist decided to lenghten my gums so I had laser surgery and was told that was to help hold the 3 new crowns I would need. 3 new posts and some sort of molding was put in place next to my eye tooth. The next visit an xray was taken because of the severe  infection and pain. there was a cyst in my root canal so I was scheduled for surgery . The plan was to remove the middle form and post and cut the cyst out but everything was ripped from my mouth. I was then told the surgery that day was free and 2 implants would be put in when my mouth healed? I paid 2800 for the original crowns and root canals and now paid 1200 for the first gum surgery. I am told not to worry and he hopes to save my eye tooth which was perfectly fine but now the gum area is totally swollen and stiched and still infected?? I don't have insurance so I am stuck. Does any of this sound normal???
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