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biventricular pacemaker

my father is 78 and has congestive heart disease.  He had an aortic valve replacement 12 years ago and the valve is showing signs of leaking.  his kidneys are also not functioning as 100%. His cardiologist does not recommend surgery to fix the valve (too risky) but suggested a biventricular pacemaker be considered (he currently has a pacemaker).  He went for assessment and the dr at the clinic said it would not benefit him.  We are running out of options.  Do you know of anyone with a similar background that has had success with the biventricular pacemaker?  would you recommend any other treatment?
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Here is the Mayo website that explains the difference between biventricular pacemaker and a pacemaker.  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/biventricular-pacemaker/HB00084.  Hope this help.

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I'm working on a essay about Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy and one of the techniques to cure/slow it down, is To place a Biventricular Pacemaker.
I would like to have more info on the benefits and the limitations for this technique.
I would appreciate help as my essay is due quite soon!
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A  biventricular pacemaker is special kind of pacemaker designed to treat the delay in heart ventricle contractions. It keeps the right and left ventricles pumping together by sending small electrical impulses through the leads. This has been shown to improve the symptoms of heart failure and the person's overall quality of life. Traditional pacemakers are used to treat slow heart rhythms. Pacemakers regulate the right atrium and right ventricle to maintain a good heart rate and keep the atrium and ventricle working together. This is called AV synchrony. Biventricular pacemakers add a third lead to help the left ventricle contract at the same time as the right ventricle.

You can read more about this with these links:

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