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My son has Ulcerative colitis

My son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was eight years old. Now he is 12 years old he has been doing very well on pentasa.  I worry because all the medicine he takes at such a young age. He is getting tired of taking so much medicine.  I would like to know if anybody knows of a natural diet that works for ulcerative colitis?
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I have had UC and my son has it as well.  Do not take him off his meds without his doctor's approval.  If he flares bad as a result it can have lasting consequences.

There has been research done indicating that a gluten free, dairy free diet can immensely help people with UC.  I would also limit sugar and caffiene.  If it helps he can hopefully be allowed to reduce his meds.  

How is he feeling?  My son (23) had to go on Imuran as he was so bad but it has put him in complete remission and he is very happy.  He refused to try the gluten free diet but does avoid the other things.
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Hi trudie,
Thank you so much for your response, My son has been taking pentasa and as he gains weight the doctor increases the dosage.but he is still thin for his height
and he eats a lot throughout the day. He has been stable since he was diagnosed 4 years ago. I just took him to his doctor because he has been complaining of stomach acid. She gave him prilosec for GERD.  But she wants him to have his stools examined
just to be on the safe side. I am going to try him on the gluten-free and dairy free diet.
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Hi, trudy I know what your son is going through I was diagnosed when i was 11 but had it since i was 9. I was on all types of drugs and I always felt horrible. I know my doctors tell me that if i have a bad flare up to eat lighter foods. I am now 23 years old when i was 12 I had a total collectomy and it was the best thing that ever happened. but I was so bad off i had no choice it was do or die. So if your son is able to take meds to control the problem. keep him on the meds. Dairy does result as a problem to some. (for me it actually helped) You might also want to check with your doctor about putting him on acedofolis pills. (not spelled right) it is the natural bacteria that help the colon. yogart is also great. But everyone is different and the disease effects others differently. So dont do anything without a doctors consent. Might I add that you are a great mom for noticing his condition early. It took my mom 2 years to realize i was even sick!
I hope this helps. He will be alright and as he gets older it gets easier to cope. ( when i was his age my hospital actually had a camp for kids with the same condition as i had. it made me feel so much better knowing that i was not alone. maybe he would enjoy something similiar. I know I did!
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Thank you for the kind words.  Having suffered from ulcerative colitis myself for ten years since I was 21 I then perforated and had a total colectomy and J-pouch.  It definitely helped me to know what was going on with him and for him he was able to take the disease so much more seriously than I did at his age after seeing what I went through.  He is at the stage right now where he wants to pretend he doesn't have it since he is in total remission.  If, God forbid, he has active disease again I will be taking him with me to a support group.  They are wonderful.
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My daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative pancolitis just after her 2nd birthday.  She turned 3 this past June.  My husband and I have decided to try homeopathic meds (along with her sulfasalazine) in hopes that she will do well enough that we keep her off the heavy meds.  For the past week she's been having tummy aches along with putrid gas, but no blood.  I am watching her VERY closely.  Her activity level is still way up as is her appetite.  If this approach does not work we will have to take her back to her gastro (who is a wonderful doctor) who will more than likely administer the Imuran.  We are SO concerned with doing the right thing for her.  Will these heavy duty meds now harm her in the long run?  There is a book by Elaine Gottschall called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" that I purchased.  Her daughter was 4 years old when diagnosed with UC.  The author is now deceased and her daughter is leading a UC symptom free life in her 40's now I believe.  It is an interesting and hopeful story.  I need to reread the book and see if I can combine this diet with my daughter's treatment in order to make a difference.  I hope this helps - the diet is suppose to help with Chrohn's, UC, Diverticulitis, Celiac, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Diarrhea, and behavioral problems.  I've heard wonderful things about Pentasa.  Our daughter is to little to swallow the pill:(  Best of luck to your son.
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