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Fine and jailtime for circumcising your son?!?!?!

So I just saw where two California cities will have a thing on their ballots for the "Male Genital Mutilation" bill.  If it passes, ANY parent who circumcises there son will face a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.  Even if it's for religious reasons.  Since when is circumcision the governmentes business?  Whether you believe in circumcision or not, I think it's the parents right to choose.  How can the government justify allowing parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their kids (which can have an affect on other peoples children) and not allowing them the right to circumcise (which has no affect on anyone but the child itself)???  This is asanine!  

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where is all this dictatorship coming from recently. if this is tru people better start gettin out and speaking up NOW! Who has the right to make these decisions again?
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Now this is just INSANE.....This world has literally gone MAD I tell ya MAD!!!!
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In case any of you wonder how California got into the position it is currently in, re read the above post.
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I certainly don't think this should be passed, but am sort of confused about something.  If it's on a ballot, doesn't that mean people are voting on whether or not it passes?  Or am I misunderstanding and it's a ballot for vote by congress?  Sorry, sometimes there are things written where I am unclear on how it works there.  If it's a ballot for people to vote on, then shouldn't it be a majority issue?  It just seems some issues everyone wants a vote, and others they don't, so I am not sure if this is a public vote or a congress vote.
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This would only apply to the City of San Francisco

It is just an Idiot in San Francisco desperate for attention. It only takes a little over 7,000 signatures to get something on a Ballot in San Francisco. I am not sure if the signatures have been validated yet or not.
If they have, it will be voted on in November by the people.
If by some miracle it passes, it will be over turned because it is a Violation of Church and State.
Jews consider religious male circumcision a commandment from God. It also is widely practiced by Muslims, and while it does not appear in the Quran it is mentioned in the Sunnah, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Most Christian denominations neither require nor forbid circumcision.
In other words, it is a Big Waste of Time and Money.
It will be interesting to see if the ACLU steps in to appose it.
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I had my sons circumcised because it was considered a hygiene issue not a religious one. You were kind of strange if you didn't have it done back then, now I think your strange if ya do.
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Gotcha.  Thanks for taking the time to explain.  

We personally opted not to circumcise our son, but I am glad it was OUR decision, not one that was forced on us.  Why can't we just let people be.  Aren't there bigger issues to worry about right now?
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Since the Beginning of Time (Cain in Eden), every Village has had an Idiot.
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Why can't the village idiots be out there trying to ban abortion!
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I forgot, Cain never lived in Eden. This makes Eden the only Village without an Idiot since the beganing of time.
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Well, of course I couldn't resist.  I asked my circumcised husband if he feels mutilated.  First he looked at me like I had lost my mind (ok, not so uncommon in our house..lol), then once he had finished laughing, he assured me that was not the case.  He dared me to find a circumcised man that felt like he had been mutilated.  Good enough for me..dumb bill.  But I had to know.....

You know, it never ceases to amaze me.  The global economy is a mess, people are dying in wars and some moron is worried about whether or not circumcision should be legal.  I mean really...seriously?
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ROFL, exactly!
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