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What do you think? Should Pot be legal or No!

A few short months ago, California's Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, seemed likely to fade away in a puff of smoke. After more than three decades on the front lines of the disastrous "war on drugs," I feared this best-hope-to-date chapter in the battle for sane drug laws was a lost cause. But something has changed in the public's consciousness, and in its resolve.

On September 30 the Public Policy Institute of California published the results of its new poll. It shows Proposition 19 winning, by a resounding 52-41 margin. Other polls are similarly encouraging.

What do you think? Should pot be legalized?
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I voted yes.  Here are my thoughts on this...

Keeping it illegal does not in any way hider usage.  Those who want it will get it.  Problem is, it is being sold "underground" if you wish, which actually makes it easier for young people to get their hands on it.

Other thoughts...I have never known anyone to become violent on pot, unlike alcohol.  It is not a gateway drug to other drugs. I think it should be legal, taxed and have similar if not the same restrictions as alcohol. Illegal for minors, illegal to drive while under the influence, etc.  It is less harmful then alcohol.  If nothing else, it should most definately be made legal for medical use as the benefits for those with extreme pain, MS, those undergoing chemo (amongst other things) have been proven time and again.

I do think it should be illegal to distribute unless licensed to do so (same as alcohol).

Here it technically is still illegal, but unless you are a dealer or operating a grow op, they pretty much leave you alone.  Personally, it's not my thing (mind you, I'm not much of a drinker either), but it is not as harmful as alcohol.  I think legalization is a positive thing.

Good poll Teko, will be interesting to see the results and read other's thoughts.  I know this is one of those very controversial topics.
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No I have seen first hand in a male relative in Europe he sat around all day and didnt work he wasnt very happy,was glassy eyed most of the time it is also passed on to the children as they see that its okay to smoke ,, and he went on to take other addictive drugs ...a big NO    May I ask why you think its a good thing, what will it do for you ?do you really want your little boy smoking pot  ....wow
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Pot gives you the munchies.
If it's legalized, I think that we'll see an epidemic of obesity... even worse than it already is!
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If you dont want to use it your self why would anyone want it legalised, what reason could there be, I actually do believe its more harmful than alcohol, ..and what, about the smoking part so then its  okay to smoke, I thought the left wanted to be rid of smoking  ...so the kids of cigs& pot smoking parents will then for sure copy  them ..Sorry but I just dont get it... ...
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10 members have voted I see some didnt want to say who they are ... well there you go if the Dems get in you will have your wish...good luck to your children who will grow up using pot.
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I can understand why some would feel that way...this is one of those super controversial issues and I doubt there will be a concencus on this one.

You are correct, I don't want my son growing up to be a smoker, alcohol abuser or pot abuser.  But just like not all kids growing up abusing alcohol, they won't grow up abusing pot either.  That is part of my job as his mother...to educate him on the dangers.  Making it illegal or legal won't change that.  I know what your saying, I just don't see it the same way.  I am the child of an addict and have seen first hand the danger of alcohol.  This is the same thing...I will be teaching him from a very young age (unfortunately they start very young now...kids in elementary school drinking and such..it's pretty sad).  I also believe in teaching by example.  He will never see I nor his father drinking excessively (we are pretty much a single drink household), or smoking, etc.  Neither of us actually uses pot, so that's an easy one.  And you are correct..if kids see parents doing it, they will. It's no different then seeing them abuse alcohol..they see it, they do it. Heck, even with pot and other drugs being illegal, bad parents are bad parents and doing those things in front of your kids is not wise regardless.  Parents need to be parents and not just buddies if you know what I mean.  

As for the guy you know that sits around all day all out of it, not working..well he is doing that and it is illegal currently (or is it not in the UK?  I am not aware of the law there).  There are some that will abuse anything and everything, legal or not.

As for more harmful, actually it's not.  Any kind of abuse is a bad thing for sure..it's just that pot does not have a tendancy to make people behave violently, and it is actually proven to be non addictive.  So in most way's alchohol is far more dangerous.  Now, I am not a propenent of making alcohol illegal...if people use if properly it's fine.  It's illegal for underage people, which I fully fully agree with.  Pot should be the same.  

So I guess it's not so much that I am pro legalization, I just don't see the point in making it illegal.  It's like cigarettes, alcohol or any other legal stimulant.  No worse.  Now, the harder drugs like cocaine, meth, etc I feel differently about.  Although I go back and forth on those as well.

To say "good luck to your children growing up using pot" is a bit offensive.  I fully intend to be extremely involved in every aspect of my son's life. His biggest problem with having a mom that does what I do for a living is he won't be able to get away with much..lol.  I see it all, and I know the signs to watch for.  Every parent should educate themselves on these things.   And I can assure you I will be a mother, not just his buddy.  
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Well I voted legal only for medical use because it has proven effective for nausea from chemotherapy and other known medical uses and I do know people who were allowed to take it and who were able to eat after chemotherapy and would not have been able to otherwise because of the specific debilitating effects of chemotherapy. I do however believe it should be further researched to isolate the specific chemicals in it that help people without producing the recreational high and there is research in this direction. Its a complex situation. I don't want more drugs legalized because this could lead to more self destructive behavior and self medication. However the amount of people who die from cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse (which would also have to include drunk driving and its effects) is far higher than that of marijuana. However I would not say that marijuana is harmless. I would say that it is probably the least harmful of all the illegal drugs. Some people use it for recreational purposes and are not harmed but I have seen some people become addicted to them in the same manner as cigarettes and chain smoke them with the same eventual results.
   I certainly would not have the government allow it to be sold and taxed which would be promoting its use. That I think is wrong. I do however believe in harm reduction which is to take appropriate steps (such as the needle exchanges for heroin) to reduce the harm of taking illegal drugs (in that case the spread of AIDS and hepatitis). I also believe that people who use drugs if convicted should be allowed rehabilitation as an option instead of a jail sentence. I would think this proposition goes too far but there is a reasonable middle ground.
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One other argument to keep in mind in terms of legalizing marijuana and other drugs.  In countries where this has happened, dug use has not increased.  The reality is that people who want to do it will do it legal or not.  

Secondly, by keeping it illegal, those that profit are the dealers.  Much of the violence you see is due to drug dealers, etc. fighting for territory.  It fuels much of the illegal gun trade as well. By legalizing, and regulating, you remove that.  Dealers are not going to continue if there is no profit.  People will not stop using, legal or not.

Look at what happened during prohibition.  People didn't stop drinking. But violence escalated amongst bootleggers..it was a violent time.

I am far from a proponent of drug use.  But there is nothing to indicate that legalizing would increase use.  The only proper weapon against drug users is education (and at a very very young age sadly).  But current laws do not decrease usage, but they do increase violence.  Just something to think about.

I also agree that rehabilitation is a better solution then prison time.  Wasting resources imprisioning users does no good at all.  It's the dealers we have to go after.  We have a new program here where agencies like mine are working with a police program called PACT (you can google if you wish).  One of the initiatives is to keep drug users and street people out of the legal system.  It's new, so no real stats yet, but we are hopeful.
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I have not read any of the above answers yet, and will do so after I post my opinion. I personally do not think it should be legalized other than for medicinal purposes. Years ago, the doctor prescribed marinol, which is pot in tablet form for my son in the end stages of his disease. It was of great benefit for him and helped with nausea which in turn allowed him to eat when he otherwise would not be able to. So as a medicine I think its great.

Pot is something you smoke and with all the cancer related disease and lung problems that are a direct product of smoking, it just does not make sense to smoke pot, which would have the same effect on the lungs that smoking does. I wish they had made cigarettes illegal when they determined that they will kill you and taken that choice away for me. I would still not be fighting it if they had.

My other concern is that pot does different things to different people. Some just get into whatever activity they are involved in and it helps them focus, others it makes paranoid, while others it just mellows them out and calms them. I worry about people using and driving or doing so in situations that accidents can happen as a result. I know one woman that cannot start her day without 3 bowls first thing in the morning, so I think it addictive as well.

So just off the top of my head, I would have to vote no, other than for medicinal purposes.
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I agree that it's supposed to be useful to manage pain and nausea, and I vote for it to be legalized in a medical setting. legalized normally? no, h-e-double-hockey-sticks no....but yes, for medicinal purposes. my mom is a terminal patient and has limits on the amount of medication she can receive because she's not in "end-stage"...but she still suffers. and as a result, she self-medicates with alcohol. being young, I've seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to marijuana....people who use it moderately and it benefits them, and people who abuse the heck out of it.

either way, I think that it could truly benefit a lot of people and it is being shown to be very helpful managing autism, although I really don't agree with giving it to children....but it's just another drug when you come down to it, just like prozac and all of those.

Margy I truly don't believe that this is a left vs. right issue..I think this is an issue about how you feel people's rights should be handled. you want less government control, I understand....and if pot is similar to alcohol and/or cigarettes, should the government be able to tell you not to smoke it? personally, I don't think it should be legal for recreational purposes...but absolutely for medical...there are so many benefits, and it's not physically (although it is very emotionally) addictive. I do not smoke pot. neither does my husband....I do not believe our children will either. Neither do we drink. but those are OUR CHOICES..not the government's. If I was terminally ill, in agonizing pain every day, and told that I was limited in the ammount of pain relief I could be given....I might want legal medical marijuana as well.

just some food for thought..it's not all about "getting your kicks" or "getting high"...there are many other issues here. and it's NOT a leftist issue. I don't see how it can be?
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I said I was on the fence on this one,for the simple reason I don't know what I would try if I was in severe pain and with a terminal condition.It's easy to say "no" when you're pain free and not dying,
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It will certainly increase the way it has done in Europe  cigarrette smoking especially amongst the young, they will use it in cigarettes thats for sure and it does increase to other drugs and plenty about it is out there .on the internet .I wasnt actually talking about prescriptrion use... I understood this thread to be about all pot being made legal not just presciption  medical use ..maybe I misunderstood.
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