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Anybody rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals today? :-))

I'm not really a sports fan and maybe because my husband acts like football is the something you should drop all else for  . . .   but it is a 'little' exciting to watch this under dog team take the field today.  I LOVE under dog stories. I love the passion, momentum and dreaming it took to get there.  There is a lot of enthusiasm in my city right now and I hope for a win. Even if I'm not going to a super bowl party or likely even going to watch the game.  (I like netflix better).  I watch the score changes on my phone and my son texts me with all the updates.  Anyway, Who Dey!
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I actually didn't love the commercials this year. I am not a football fan either.  But it's been 31 years since we went to the super bowl. I was sad when they lost . . . SO close. So close stings.  If they never had a chance, it would just be like 'okay', no chance here.  We're all a little bittersweet that they lost in the last two minutes.  But I guess it's the way it goes.  It was fun while it lasted!
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No, I'm understanding that the commercials weren't all that great.  I ran a cross a few that were published ahead of the game and was totally unimpressed by them.

It does sting when a team gets so close, then can't pull it off, but at least they got to the Super Bowl - that's more than many get.   Who knows, maybe they'll make it again next year!!
My son showed me one that came through on youtube (which would indicate I didn't watch the half time show . . . oops).  It was kind of depressing.  For the new meta universe stuff. They are a young team. That's what the QB said, we'll be back. I'll believe it when I see it but they did seem to find their groove which they have not in almost two decades (not even talking about the super bowl. They have literally been a losing team for a very long time). We'll see. But it was kind of cool, to be honest.
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I’m not a football/sports fam, but you’re right - there’s something just a little exciting about the Super Bowl.   The awesome commercials tend to interest me more than the game so I try to watch them later as I’d never sit through a game just for the commercials.  :-)

I understand that it would be exciting for your city’s team to win, so good luck.  
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