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Romney to visit Israel in late July, meet with Netanyahu

(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will travel to Israel in late July for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aimed at fleshing out his foreign policy credentials.

Romney will be overseas in late July to attend the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in London. His campaign often promotes Romney's leadership of the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002 as a key part of his biography as he tries to unseat President Barack Obama in the November 6 election.

A former governor of Massachusetts, Romney lacks foreign policy experience. He would like to attract support from Jewish voters who traditionally back Democrats, and he has accused Obama of putting the U.S. relationship with Israel at risk in pushing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians.

A campaign aide said Romney would meet with Netanyahu on his visit. The New York Times said Romney would also meet Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, Israeli President Shimon Peres, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and leaders of the opposition Labor Party in Jerusalem.

Obama angered the Israelis a year ago when he embraced a goal long sought by the Palestinians, that the state they seek in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip should largely be drawn along lines that existed before the 1967 war in which Israel captured those territories and East Jerusalem.

Romney said in a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in December that Obama has proposed that Israel adopt "indefensible borders" and had been "timid and weak in the face of the existential threat of a nuclear war" from Iran.

Netanyahu and Obama have had a thorny relationship and the right-wing Israeli leader has come under pressure in Washington not to take unilateral military action against Iranian nuclear facilities suspected of being part of a project to produce nuclear weapons.

SOURCE: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/02/us-usa-campaign-israel-idUSBRE8611DI20120702
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I've talked to about 4 people in the past two weeks that said they'd have voted for McCain had he had a better running mate.  I think Palin lost that election for him.  Boo
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I certainly mean to offend anyone with this statement but, I would feel no better with Mrs. Clinton in charge than I would have with Mrs. Palin in the VP seat.  This is not meant as a sexist statement.... I just don't think either would be sufficient in either position.

Condi Rice?  I'd go for her in either position.  
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Not trying to highjack the thread but,
It makes me nauseas to think about her being President. McCain would have stood a better chance against her than Obama (especially if he would not have chosen Palen for a running mate). I don’t think Hillary would have got the voter turn out Obama did.
I like the Hilary Clinton and Lady Macbeth comparison.
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"No one running for office is going to have foreign policy experience or credentials."

Our current Secretary of State, 'Lady Macbeth' had eight years experience as the power behind the throne. Slick Willie's 'charisma aside, I've always felt she was the brains of the operation. Probably wouldn't have voted for her in '08 (especially if McCain had had  any other running mate other than the one he did) but you have to admit there's a psychological advantage to having someone that creepy to deal with both our enemies and our 'allies'.
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I actually waited for you to pop up here to berate me about something ...you left wing folks are so predictable ...LOl .as for silly and disingenuous I leave that to you mike .......it was my simple opinion ..
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"....Israel has always been a friend of the United States..."

Really margy, what choice did Israel have? They were either a friend of the US or they were doomed.

I love Israel too but let's not be silly and disingenuous about it.
I know how evangelicals feel about it but we must see it for what it really is.
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Obama didn't need foreign affairs experience because he was a candidate for the left.  It simply was not an issue.... it is now with Mittens, but not then.

As long as there is partisan politics, there will not be a level playing field for those out on the wings.  It can't be there... you have to vote lines.  

In the mean time, the independent party and other 3rd parties are growing and gaining interest.  Most of their ideals are closer to what America really wants.  I feel that there are millions of people who want so much to be called an independent, but they can't get rid of party lines.

Back to being on the record.... we've got issues relating to "domestic affairs" that are getting dropped like hot rocks so we can go play in the middle east for a while.  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt.... none of those folks are crazy about us.  Leave them alone for a while.  Let them hammer out their own problems and lets pay a bit of attention to America for a while.... what do ya say?
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Good on ya Mitt ...Israel has always been a friend of the United States in spite of Obama who refused a short while ago to use the veto at the UN . I am sure Mitt will forge a relationship with that great man Netanyahu..
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Typical from Reuters: "A former governor of Massachusetts, Romney lacks foreign policy experience.”

So exactly what was the former Senator from Illinois foreign policy experience and credentials?

Lets be fair here... No one running for office is going to have foreign policy experience or credentials.

It's something one gains once one gets into office. I don't remember anyone citing B.O.'s lack of foreign policy experience, or lack of experience in general, when he ran in 2008.

Oh yeah, the Right did, but the media swept it under the rug. No such luxury for poor (rich) Mitts, it would seem.

I wish we could have ONE, just ONE, Left-leaning-media-free presidential election. No media hype either direction. No sweeping stories under the rug. No favoring one candidate over the other.

Even playing field for both.

Not in my lifetime, I'd venture a guess.

The Left gives FOX such a hard time. Can't we (the Republican / Conservative Right) ONE media outlet that leans in our direction? Must you have them ALL???

Holy cow, got off track there. Sorry!

Anyway... blah, blah, blah, foreign policy experience. Blah, blah, blah, foreign policy inexperience.
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Pffft.  Screw this meeting and any like it.  I'll go on the record by saying that I am very uninterested with foreign affairs because of the state of affairs in this country.  

I'm trying to figure out when our nations problems will take precedent....

I suppose I'll be waiting to get that answered for a long time.  I won't hold my breath.
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