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33 yrs old and DENTURES!!

Wow....this really isn't a question, but I just need some reassurance!! I have been battling dental problems for years and have spent big $$$$ over the years.  My teeth are overall bad. I'm not a drug addict nor do I have any gastro problems, etc. Oh and I'm not a purger!! I think years of not having dental insurance and a fear of dentists did not help at all.  So here I am years later after many teeth have broken off after not getting a crown after numerous root canals, etc.  The last straw was a few weeks ago when 2 FRONT crowns snapped off with the tooth still inside. :(  My dentist thought she could save the top ones, but when this happened....I'm screwed.  They are not repairable - nor can she do another new crown.  The bottom teeth (what teeth I have) basically all I have are the bottom front ALLLLL need root canals/crowns to save them.  

So dentist suggests today that I get full dentures.  My heart went up in my throat because I just couldn't believe at my age I would be getting dentures. I don't know though - maybe I've thought about it in the past that it might happen.  But I just never wanted to believe it? I dunno.  But here I am - 33 yrs old and getting full dentures.  I go to see an oral surgeon on the 15th for a consult to get full mouth extractions. I'm trying to stay positive and not be ashamed. I did this to myself after years of no dental care. I'm trying to think about the positive that I can hopefully smile again. I honestly can't remember the last time I smiled showing teeth. :(  The dentist said today "on your next appt - bring a picture of yourself where you are smiling showing your teeth so we can make them look the same".  Geez, I honestly don't know if I have one or where one might be?? Plus, it would be years old, but I guess that doesn't matter much....

So here's a question - any of you out there around my age or anyone for that matter getting dentures or have gotten them?? I just need some support from someone who understands.

Thanks for reading...

Warm regards,
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you are right....you are young for getting dentures but answer a few questions. do you have an attractive smile? are you in pain? do you suffer from bad breath? are you embarrassed by your teeth? i know you answered yes to most of those! dentures have to look and feel better than the teeth you have now. the prospect is scary but its sounds like what needs to be done. implants would be the best choice but can cost more than a car. please make sure you dont go to one of those discount dental offices that advertise cheap dentures. you get what you pay for. if they advertise based on price you know the main goal is taking your money. my aunt had false teeth at 32 and for her it was the best choice. she was thrilled to be able to eat comfortably and smile with confidence. good luck!!!!
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You have nothing to be ashamed of, really.  The important thing is you will be healthier, and feel so much better about yourself.  People really don't care if you have dentures, a nice smile is what they look for and you'll have this.  I am fortunate in that I have very nice teeth, but everyone thinks they're dentures, go figure. My husband's teeth are like yours and I plead with him to get them all pulled and get dentures, because the expense of repairing them is enormous.  He doesn't want to do this, but it would improve his smile so much.  I think his will also force him to do what you are.  I have several friend's who have had dentures since their 30's, they never cared.  Relax and look forward to your new smile.  Also, keep in mind that if they don't look exactly the way you want, they can adjust them.  Take care...
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Tara don't be ashamed.  I understand what dental pain can do to your quality of life.  And the expense can also be phenomonal.  My mother and both her sisters had ALL their teeth out when they were in their late teens would you believe.  All their teeth were totally rotten and this is only in their teens!  You'll be amazed at what they can do these days with dentures and how fantastic they can look compared to what you've had to put up with until now.  I'm only 41 and right now I've had it with all my natural teeth!  It just seems like I get one dealt to and wham! another one causes real problems.  And that adds up to a LOT of expense when you've got 24 of them.  Please keep me informed of your progress and let me know how it all goes....I'd be very interested.
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First of all, thank you for your response. I agree, I can answer yes to most of those questions. I think most of all right now - I'm embarrassed and ashamed.  I have just dealt with this for so long...

I agree, implants would be the BEST option! But, I'm just not willing to throwdown that much money!!  So in a nutshell, this is my best option.  I'm not going to lie to you - I'm scared - very scared.  I have been reading so many stories online about dentures and I find more negative than positive.  Now, don't get me wrong - the positive ones are very inspirational - they give me hope.  Then I read a negative one and I get scared again.  I do try to tell myself that everyone is different, but it's still hard, know what I mean?

Definitely NOT going to a discount dental center!!! I'm using my dentist who took impressions on Monday and sent those off to the lab.  The total billed cost is over $2K, but my portion has only been $745 to this point. I know the extractions are going to be a nice/hefty price which I dread to hear. I go on the 15th to meet with the Oral Surgeon.  We shall see and I do plan to update during this process.

Thank you again! I appreciate it. My hubby and my Mom are the only ones I have been able to talk to about this.  Strange thing is - no one has any idea I have any big issues. I guess I am a really good at hiding this problem...  I also plan to NOT tell my coworkers.  They know I'm going in for oral surgery and that is about it. I just don't feel comfortable. Maybe I should - I don't know, but that is how I feel.

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First of all, thank you for your response as well.  You are so right. I know I will feel healthier and have a lot more confidence.  I just can't wait to be able to smile and show teeth! Nice, white, perfect teeth. I dream about what it will be like. I know that sounds silly, but it's true.  When you have gone through this as long as I have - you'd understand. I'm sure you do - you sound very sincere and I'm sorry that your hubby is having issues as well.  It's not an easy decision. I just wanted to sit in the dentist chair and cry when she told me there was nothing left she could do.  But somehow, I kept myself composed, but cried the entire way home. :(  ::deep breath::  I'll get through this. I know I will. I'm just scared, but I'm trying to look on the brightside of things.  At least there IS a fix.  Thank you for the reassurance. This helps a lot!

Thank you again.

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Thank you for your response.  I really appreciate this.

Wow, all their teeth out in their teens.  I can't even imagine.  That was when my teeth looked nice.  They just went downhill very fast in my 20's - well, early 20's. It seems like forever to me.  The damage is done and I'm really, really trying to come to terms with this and focus on what the outcome will be.  I was actually a bit excited when I was picking out the tooth color for the dentures.  But then quickly broke down on my way home.  Like I have said in previous posts - I will get through this. It's going to be hard, but I am determined to have some quality of life back and most of all confidence. I miss that so much. I look forward to being about to eat without worrying that a tooth will break off.  Believe me, it has happened.  One of my front crowns broke off when I was eating at work in front of one of our doctors and a coworker.  I work for a group of orthopedic surgeons' and I am in the front office so I have to have a nice smile. I think my smile is nice - when I don't smile showing teeth! :(  It's so crazy how well I have hidden this over the years.  I need to put a pic on here and when I get my new teeth - I'll put one of me smiling nice and big!! I so hope they look good and what I am dreaming about.

Thank you again!!

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Tara I can truly understand your fear during this time.  One moment you're up and the next moment you don't think you can get much lower.  I'm have a terrible issue with just one of my teeth at the moment so I know how bad it must be for you.  It's destroyed my quality of life for the past 7 weeks all because of a root canal.  I would have had the tooth removed if it was anywhere else in my mouth but it's the upper front central incisor.  I'm extremely panic stricken over the worst case scenario of having this tooth removed and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome.  Sometimes you just can't help but sit and cry.  I know some people would say it's silly getting so upset over teeth, but after all they're a part of our body at the end of the day and we need them.  Please keep me informed of your progress.  My email is ***@**** if you ever want to email me and let me know how you're doing or feeling......even if you're feeling really really down......I understand what that can be like :-(
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Well, you are right!! One moment I'm up and then the next I'm down. It's like an emotional rollercoaster.  Oh how I know all about root canals. I've probably had a total of about 10 of them or more. No lie! My advice - please, please get the crown afterwards!!! :)  Don't panic - everything will be just fine!!! Now that is easy for me to say because I've gone through them time and time again!!

Thank you so much for your support and today was a pretty good day for me overall.  We shall see how the appt at the dentist goes on Friday.  She will be checking alignment for the dentures. I will share all about it. I'm nervous...oh and I also cannot find a pic of myself where I am smiling showing teeth! My dentist asked for it and I can't find one - that is just sad.  I shall check with my Mom and see what she has.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your email.  What is ***@****??? I'm new here and is that code for something?? LOL!

I would love to email you!

Thanks again!!

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I see what you mean about the email address....LOL.  When I originally typed it, it came out looking like a normal email address but when it's actually posted on the site there must be a security thing that won't allow personal emails to be shown properly.  How funny is that!   Hmmm......not sure how I can write it to show properly.  I'm glad you had a good day today though......mine wasn't so good until I can get someone to figure out what is wrong with my front tooth.  I see my endodontist tomorrow to try and figure out what exactly is going on and what the next course of action will be.  Try and figure out how email addresses can be swapped on this site :-)
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LOL!! Ok I seriously thought that was code for something and was trying to figure it out!! ha ha!! I'm going to try and post mine and see if you can figure it out!

Good luck with the endodontist!! Let me know how it goes!! I go back to the dentist tomorrow - so we shall see how that visit goes.

Here is my email address - see if it shows up!!

There is an underscore after every word until you get to the @ of course.
the  _  1  _  and _  only  _  tara  @  yahoo .  com
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hello fellow Texas...Round Rock here! Honey If I were you I wouldnt feel bad...Im like you...I have bad teeth, why...genetics and other conditions. My granny had all of here tetth out by 40, mom moms got root canals in most of her teeth and at 30, every single one of my molars has a root canal in it...i brish 2 times a day, am a floss-a-holic, i even brush after drinking sofa, yet still bad teeth. I have R.A and sojourns disease which both affect dental health...no matter how well i care for my teefers im gonna have issues. Im currently under going root canal issure again right now and had my 1st tooth extract 3 weeks ago due to a botched root canal, tooth was perferated during the proceedure. I WOULD LOVEEEEEE TO HAVE NEW TEETH! haha i tell my fiancee that when i trun 40 im having mine out, and he thinks im kidding. i know how you feel, tired of the pain, tired of the process tired of the fear of pain and the dds...just sick of your teeth...dont be ashamed, try to look at it like this...well screw that, ill never have a tooth ache for the rest of my life hahahai mean all implants would be awesome but whos got that much money??? i think they can actually implant dentures down now adays too!
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I have been your post about having dentures fitted.

I too like you have had years of dental problems and I had all of my back teeth removed (12 in total) and partial dentures fitted 2 years ago.

I was only 38 at the time and I am not at all ashamed of my situation!

I was just wondering if you did get sorted out? I would so much like full dentures as i am having problems now with some of my other teeth now and it's really ruining my life.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With very best wishes,

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Hey girls,

From Austin but now in England. Thank god my dental treatment (my husband has a disability so we get deductions) is pretty much free over here in England BC it looks like I inherited my dads teeth!! I got a crown on one tooth recently...then suddenly another has decay and needs to be sorted...possible root canal needed and now I'm having pains in a 3rd tooth...all in a matter of about 7 months!!! I'm 33 and not best pleased. So far my UK dentist experiences have been okay but you hear horror stories about dentists both here and in the US and it starts freaking you out. I have always taken great care of my teeth. Ugh! Good luck to all of you...I hope soon you're all remedied of these darn problems!!
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