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Abscess after wisdom tooth removal

I had 3 wisdom teeth removed. 2 on left side. Upper on right side. I was not prescribed any antibiotic afterwards even though the upper right tooth was rotten. 10 days afterwards I went back to the oral surgeon because I could not open my mouth more than a thumb's width. He said he wanted to look at my incisions and while doing so tried to pry my mouth open. Worst pain I have ever had. EVER. He said I should do this 7-8 more times that day and until my mouth would open. The next day the right side of my face began to swell and I got sick to my stomach. The day after that I went to my local MD and he put me in the hospital due to pain and swelling. The day after that they noticed an infection smell on my breath and gave me antibiotics and later steriods. I was released 3 days later but the following day readmitted due to pain. The day after that I was given a CT scan and my MD found an abscess on my right side. Immediately the following day I was sent back to my oral surgeon's office which is attached to a hospital. Later that day I had surgery on the abscess, the Oral Surgeon enlisted the help of an ENT doctor also. He knicked my sinus during surgery. After 10 days in the hospital larges does of antibiotics for anther infection that developed after the abscess I still have trismus...wondering if most of this could have been avoided by a prescription of antibiotic after my widsom tooth surgery?
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yes you should sue that dentist for not taking care of the problem and the doctor that knicked you sinus if you are having health problems.
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